£1M fundraiser for Help for Heroes staying on track

£1M fundraiser for Help for Heroes staying on track

This year we commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War 2.

While that war is over, there are still heroes who have suffered life-changing injuries after deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq, and their battles are only beginning. Since 2010, the 4×4 European Rally has raised over £1,000,000 for the event’s chosen charity, HELP for HEROES, to support the wounded and their families. This non-speed, 12 day journey, covering 7 European countries, follows the path and tells the story of the Allied liberation of Europe, which started in France early on the 6th June 1944, D-Day. The Rally event started on 13th June 2015, and progresses until 27th June 2015, passing several historical sites, including the ‘Western Front’ of the First World War. This year, in a bid to raise £1,000,000 for HELP for HEROES, it is the ‘Final Mission’ for the HELP for HEROES 4×4 EUROPEAN RALLY.

Eseye’s partner Skytag is tracking all the vehicles while they take part in the rally, allowing everybody to follow the progression of the event live on from a cloud-based webportal. The telemetry data also helps the organisers, as it reports vehicle locations, movements, speed, directions, and even battery conditions.

Unfortunately, while parked overnight part way through the rally, some of the vehicles failed to report their status at the set intervals. Skytag made use of their GOLD Support contract and contacted Eseye’s 24/7 technical support. After a short investigation, the support team identified that the problem was with one of the mobile networks covering the camp. Using advanced SIM management tools, Eseye staff were able to reprogram the AnyNet Multi-IMSI SIM cards remotely and resolve the issue. All the affected units were shown to have switched network within three minutes of the reprogramming and were subsequently connecting and updating the Skytag Website with the required data.

We are very pleased to know that all the telemetry data from the rally’s progress is provided to the satisfaction of the Skytag and the event organisers, and are glad that our support team were able to quickly resolve the problem, playing a little part in the ‘Final Mission’, and helping this event to achieve its goal supporting life’s real heroes.

Paul Marshall, COO Eseye

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