We are committed to changing the world through IoT

The internet of things has an extraordinary capacity to change the world. Some of the world’s major issues such as more efficient farming or bringing water to remote parts of Africa. These are challenges we have helped solve here and now. We are committed to helping support the growth of IoT to continue to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world.

Eseye wins sustainability award with EWaterPAY for bringing clean drinking water to Africa.

783 million people worldwide – equivalent to one in nine people, still don’t have access to clean water. Water systems are continuously installed but 65 percent break within the first two years because there is no sustainable method of maintaining them.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) advisors are all too aware that the traditional model relies too heavily on unreliable water committees to collect user fees and carry out maintenance. As a result, often generously donated solar pumps and filtration systems can be left broken for years, particularly in war-torn regions where a charity has had to withdraw and slowly the infrastructure fails to deliver.
Through Cellular IoT – we were able to help bring maintainable drinking water to Africa and put a system in place that was self-sufficient and included the training and ongoing support of local engineers – creating a small ecosystem. So far we have brought clean drinking water to 10 million people – and we are just getting started.

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Helping feed the world through IoT

20-40 percent of crop losses are attributed to crop disease

Increasing the world’s food supply is a major issue, crop diseases can have a devastating humanitarian and economic impact and with sustained global population growth, it is estimated that by 2050, a 70 percent increase in food production is required to ensure the world is fed. With 20-40 percent of crop losses attributed to disease, the accurate prediction, and prevention of diseases is a vital area to address in the battle to enhance yields.

Traditionally, the method of identifying signs of crop disease has been time-consuming, cumbersome and costly, involving research scientists assessing the contents of in-field samplers under a microscope.
Not only have we helped the agriculture community address this through IoT with better understanding of weather and airborne disease – helping farmers understand whether or not pesticides are required that affects crops, but we have also helped them get better overall yield from their crops – by mapping and learning about which parts of their fields have delivered the best yield. This information is vital in enabling data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and ultimately to grow more with fewer resources.

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