AWS Development Kit Help

This page is for those who have been gifted a Cellular IoT development kit.

The following links and documents are to help set up and understand the possibilities of the kit as a demonstration kit for AWS IoT and Eseye AnyNet Secure cellular connectivity.

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How to set up your AWS Account with the AnyNet Secure SaaS offering;
(Please note that AWS employees require AWS approval to sign up for SaaS offerings)
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How to create an AWS AnyNet Secure thing;
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For detailed instructions on how to set up your Cellular IoT development kit as a demonstration;
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How to check the status and usage of AnyNet Secure SIMs on AWS IoT (Includes information on the device location and the remaining free messages and certificate updates)
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Information about the kit

AWS connected AnyNet Secure cellular connectivity

The kit uses Eseye AnyNet Secure connectivity, to seamlessly deliver device data onto the AWS cloud for more information on the AnyNet Secure;
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AnyNet Click by MikroElektronika

Your kit has two boards, the AWS hexagonal board and the MikroElektronika AnyNet Click board, for more information on the MikroElektronika development boards;
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Introduction to the Hexagon Lanyard Board.


The Hexagon board uses an ESP32 Wroom Module as the core processor.  Details on the Expressif website here:

The Schematic for the board is available for download[ACC-AWSLY1]%20The%20AWS%20ESP32%20Lanyard%20SCHEMATICS%2026.11.2017.pdf

This shows the connections to the ESP32, along with the Grove Interface connectors The Adapter Circuit board connects 5V , 3.3V & Gnd  from the Lanyard Board to the Click Module. The Serial interface is connected from ESP32 pins 25& 26


The example software uses Mongoose OS

Example Arduino Sketches and ‘C’ examples are available on Github

Cellular IoT development kit
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