Iot Innovation Transforms Package Delivery & Reduces Cost​

The founders of BT Final Mile recognised that with between 20 – 60% of parcels failing to be delivered this not only impacted every link in the distribution chain, but also the environment.

The BT Final Mile concept was simple. They wanted to rent lockable boxes to both consumers and businesses so that parcels would be delivered first time, every time. BT Final Mile looked to IoT and Eseye, a global provider of end-to-end IoT managed services, for the answer.

It was critical that data is able to be verified at each stage of the process. So, each digital locking mechanism contains an AnyNet multi-IMSI SIM, allowing two-way messaging using the most appropriate mobile network available. This enables the lock to share codes and notifications, as well as capture events –for example it takes a photo of users and items delivered – but it also tracks usage and system functionality, and delivers firmware updates effortlessly over-the-air (OTA)
Jon Darley
Director of Things