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IoT Connectivity Helps to Relieve Pressure on Water Companies

Ovarro designs a range of advanced industrial water data loggers which enable water network management and leakage control.

Poor and inconsistent connectivity coverage was having a negative impact on the effectiveness of their telemetry and control solutions. Ovarro sought a cellular connectivity specialist to help overcome these challenges and provide a truly global coverage solution.

Learn how Eseye’s simple, secure IoT connectivity solution has enabled Ovarro to work globally and expand into new markets without the headache of setting up countless connectivity contracts with network operators. 

Success Story

Our devices can be deployed anywhere in the world without any concerns around connectivity. We can provide one single solution to over 90% of the market due to the capability of the AnyNet SIM to connect to the strongest available network at any time, and our customers know their costs in advance.

The Eseye solution also offers one single global bill which combines the costs of network providers across all contracts. That capability coupled with the ability to provide an IoT SIM that works for their geographical region is a tremendous advantage.

Barbara Hathaway, VP of Engineering, Ovarro
Success Story

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