Connecting families with light

Families connected using IoT by Good Night Lamp and Eseye

Good Night Lamp & Eseye help make the world smaller

Working with Good Night Lamp, Eseye are helping to connect friends and families around the world.

The Good Night Lamp uses connectivity to bring people closer, a particularly valuable service for those who live alone, or have moved away from family and friends for work or university. The team at Good Night Lamp have designed an internet connected family of lamps. This family consists of a Big Lamp which, when turned on by pressing its chimney, turns any number of Little Lamps on, wherever they are in the world.  This lets loved ones know that someone might be around for a Skype call or that their elderly parent living alone at home is reading before going to bed.

Eseye were able to make the product more flexible by providing the connectivity through cellular networks, meaning that it is not dependent on ZigBee or Wi-Fi. This was particularly useful for potential customers who wanted to give a Little Lamp to an elderly parent with no Wi-Fi connectivity at home. By embedding an AnyNet SIM, Eseye enabled the product to always connect to an available cellular network, regardless of where it is located.

The Good Night Lamp is an ingenious idea and it has been an exciting project for Eseye. We firmly believe this product has a lot of market appeal and that it plays very well to enable families and friends to stay in touch while dispersed across distant geographies.
Paul Marshall, COO, Eseye

As well as adapting their Hera100 cellular IoT communications module into the product, Eseye provided advice and design support to Good Night Lamp. They also carried out device verification testing to ensure reliable connectivity through deployment. The integration of a standard hardware module with optimised communications software reduced the time to market, and fixed running costs allow the Good Night Lamp to be used freely everywhere around the world.

The Eseye team have gone above and beyond what a normal vendor in this space would offer. Their patience with a startup process and design and production support has been essential to the delivery of our first production batch. Without them, this product wouldn’t have seen the light of day.
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino Founder, The Good Night Lamp

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