Reducing farming CO2 emissions

IoTurkeys warm for Christmas by Baxi Commercial and Eseye

Keeping Bernard Matthews Turkey Farms warm

Working in partnership to provide Bernard Matthews with energy saving connected boilers for its turkey farms.

Bernard Matthews is one the most famous suppliers of turkey and turkey products in the UK. Founded in 1950, it now employs more than 2000 people and farms over seven million turkeys each year. The company is expert throughout every stage of producing turkeys, from breeding and butchery, through to food preparation; its knowledge on turkey farming is simply unrivalled.

A biomass heating solution from Baxi Commercial was selected for the project. Baxi Commercial will also provide the on-going O&M Services for the biomass installations and need constant connectivity with the boiler systems to monitor system performance.

Baxi worked closely with Eseye and IO Controls to develop and implement the system control and remote monitoring solution.

Remote connectivity crucial

The area in Lincolnshire in which these Baxi Commercial boiler house systems are installed is remote and it was challenging for Baxi Commercial to ensure reliable cellular connectivity.

Baxi Commercial knew its application was critical and time sensitive, so it needed a reliable connectivity supplier. Having no previous experience of working with M2M companies, it was referred by IO Controls to Eseye, on the basis of its past experiences with the company.

We wanted to work with a company with deep device understanding, high technical capability, and the ability to ensure that the deployment roll-out was fast and efficient. Eseye was the perfect match.

Andy Green. Technical Manager, Baxi Commercial

IoT optimised hardware and cellular solution  

IO Controls provides an ongoing service agreement which involves regular feedback from the system, to check that it is running at optimum performance. It was therefore important to ensure that the Baxi Commercial boiler houses maintained constant and reliable connectivity and the Eseye HERA601 Router with dual SIM solution was the perfect fit.

The super-fast HERA601, part of the HERA600 range of integrated services routers, offers secure, reliable connectivity to multiple devices – with full network redundancy. The HERA601 comes with dual SIM failover with 3G and Wi-Fi and can connect up to 64 devices.

With the HERA601, Eseye was able to guarantee Bernard Matthews’ heating systems had reliable connectivity across multiple devices even in the most remote of locations. The HERA601 is the ideal failover solution for continued connectivity assurance. With two SIMs, one of which is the network-independent, embedded AnyNet, Bernard Matthews won’t have to worry about its connectivity.

The HERA601 was the ideal fit for Bernard Matthews because of its dual SIM capabilities. By including both a local SIM and an embedded AnyNet, we can provide reliable connectivity as well as adding control functionality to employ some energy saving.

Paul Marshall, Eseye COO

Carbon emission reduced by multi-network connectivity solution

This energy saving increased the reduction on carbon emissions and energy costs, which was the main aim of the installation, as both of these are important targets for the food industry.

Eseye was able to provide a multi network solution ensuring Baxi Commercial and Bernard Matthews were not reliant on a single network. The Bernard Matthews Turkey farms are located in areas of patchy connectivity and therefore it was critical to find a network agnostic SIM solution. Eseye was able to provide this and to use its complete back office solution to ensure return to base was never required. The ability to carry out OTA reconfiguration and connectivity monitoring was invaluable and vital.

The importance of the operation meant that Baxi Commercial needed a solutions provider who could offer a true end to end solution. If multiple suppliers were used it could have led to a lack of cooperation between suppliers, and it being unclear who to contact in case of fault. Eseye’s capabilities meant that they were able to take full responsibility for the connectivity, from the device through to the server data transmission.

A full end-to-end managed connectivity solution

Eseye was able to deliver a full end-to-end managed connectivity solution, adding control functionality in order to maintain reliability and save energy. Not only did Eseye deliver reliable connectivity, with a failover solution, which was essential for the upgrade, the energy savings made possible by Eseye’s work increased the benefits of the new installation.

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