Reliable connectivity at Christmas

Working together to help Father Christmas with Magenta Star and Eseye

Eseye helps out Father Christmas

Two specialist imaging and events companies, Immedia Imaging and Dreamtime Events, joined forces to become Magenta Star. They provide the same great services, products and support that they’ve always done including event photography services, photo printing and even the smiling elves and Santas in Christmas grottos all around the country.

With Magenta Star it’s all about the experience as they transform moments into memories with their photography printing services.

IoT enabled solution

Eseye provided Magenta Star with a Hera600 integrated services router with AnyNet SIM connectivity to ensure they stay connected over the hectic Christmas period and maintain their record of exceptional customer service at photography events. The AnyNet multi network SIM along with Eseye’s managed connectivity service ensure that Magenta Star and Santa’s grotto stay connected.

Magenta Star is known for our great quality products and providing these with excellent customer service, so it’s vital that our photography event services have a good connection. This is the busiest time of year for our company and the AnyNet SIM allowed us to not be fixed to one network, ensuring that we can maintain our services throughout this high pressure period.
Sam Palmer Senior Engineer, Magenta Star

The AnyNet SIM is used to instantly send over photos to the event photography service, so that customers can see and purchase their favourite Christmas moments from the grotto. The grotto teams have to ensure good photographs are taken, printed and presented to the thousands of daily grotto visitors as efficiently as possible. It is vital to Magenta Star that the photos display quickly in order for the service to run smoothly and in the times allotted, to maintain their excellent reputation while handling the Christmas rush.

We all know how busy and frantic the holidays can get in terms of shopping centres and pop up entertainment like Santa’s grottos. So companies like Magenta Star need good connectivity they can rely on, as a drop in connection can cause a major retail lag for customers and also lose companies money. The AnyNet SIM with network steering ensures that connectivity is maintained and data delivery is secure and reliable.
Ian Marsden CTO Eseye

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