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Unbeatable technical support keeps operations simple with Solar Signs UK Ltd and Eseye

Eseye’s AnyNet Is The Right Choice For Solar Signs UK Ltd

Solar Signs UK Ltd and Eseye Support

Eseye’s AnyNet and unbeatable technical support keeps operations simple for Solar Signs UK Ltd.

Connectivity is an integral part of the offering

Solar Signs UK LTD provides solar-powered Variable Messaging Signs (VMS) to roadwork contractors in need of a safe and secure way of displaying key data to road users. Eseye’s connectivity is an integral part of their offering. Solar Signs UK Ltd uses a patented mega Flux LED system in its signs to ensure the message is always clear and visible in all conditions, whatever the event.

Solar-powered with battery backup, the units include a web server to allow remote configuration and are the ultimate green VMS solution. Solar Signs UK Ltd relies on Eseye’s managed connectivity to guarantee their customers efficient and secure operations. The challenge that had previously faced Solar Signs UK Ltd was that in order to guarantee network coverage it needed to be able to use any network, while still having the same IP address. The hirer is simply given the sign name and by simply using a web browser can then connect to the sign and update the message whatever the location.

Fixed IP spamming eradicated

Eseye was able to offer Solar Signs UK Ltd the perfect connectivity solution, providing an AnyNet SIM configured with a fixed IP address that linked to the sign name. With its secure APN and router ports Eseye also managed to quickly eradicate a fixed IP spamming issue. Along with Eseye’s durable HERA601 3G & Wi-Fi routers and AnyNet SIMs, Solar Signs UK Ltd has benefited from Eseye’s managed connectivity.

Communications Manager Gary Brown is more than happy with Eseye’s service over the years. Even in their French division, Solar Signs UK Ltd is sticking with the AnyNet, knowing that a local provider wouldn’t be able to match Eseye’s level of expertise and support.

It’s really very simple for me. Eseye provide an outstanding product with exceptional support. I’ve been approached by numerous other suppliers promising to undercut on price, but we have it so good with Eseye that it makes no sense at all to switch. It’s not just about price – sometimes in business ‘cheap & cheerful’ is adequate but for this mission critical part of our business, Eseye’s fair price for an exceptional service is what I both need and get. They’re a great team, very professional and understand not only our needs, but our customers’ needs as well. They’re just a great fit for Solar Signs UK Ltd.
Gary Brown IT and Communications Manager, Solar Signs UK Ltd

Eseye’s work in solar technology has helped shape life-changing solutions, and in Intelligent Transportation Systems, our connectivity offering and expertise not only make for safer, more efficient solutions, but provide another way of limiting the environmental impact of road works.

Smart City and Intelligent Transportation Management really are the future, and road maintenance is vital to building better, smarter cities. Solar Signs UK Ltd understands the needs of contractors and we at Eseye understand the needs of customers like Solar Signs UK Ltd who have to deliver on every level. Our managed connectivity and affordable AnyNet SIM are firm foundations that they can rely upon to deliver data in real-time, helping them avoid unnecessary site visits.
Mathew Birkett Smart City Manager, Eseye

Eseye is proud of how integral our AnyNet connectivity is to the Solar Signs UK Ltd business model and will continue to support innovation within the intelligent transportation markets as requirements change.

Not only do Eseye connectivity and Solar Signs UK Ltd solutions mean road maintenance is managed as efficiently and safely as possible, but the solar power aspect makes it the greenest VMS solution out there.

Mathew Birkett Smart City Manager, Eseye

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