Reliable PDA connectivity

A completely connected PDA with ORBA and Eseye

Removing “No Service” frustrations for users of ORBA’s PDAs


Eseye’s services have enabled ORBA to offer their customers in the hospitality industry a reliable and completely connected PDA for collecting vending machine information. This gives ORBA benefits such as assurance that the PDA is always connected, facilitation of pre-ordering, and making the frustrations of unreliable connectivity a thing of the past.

Data capture from deployed devises

ORBA’s PDAs collect information from individual vending machines, including an inventory and record of daily transactions, and can help customers with regards to device localisation and pre-ordering.

Their PDA supports a 1D / 2D / RFID scanning application, a 3.0M Pixels AF Camera, both an alpha-numeric and QWERTY keyboard, and a wide range of accessories, including a pistol grip design for scan-intensive environments and cradles for portable charging and DataSync.

Conventionally, suppliers of connected vending machines and PDAs, such as ORBA, only provide hardware and would require SIM cards to be added by the shop owners or retail customers at the point of deployment. This was mainly due to the complexity incurred in the supply of connectivity to reliably cover a wide geographic area. Leaving the responsibility of finding a connectivity supplier to the shop owners and retail customer would inconvenience them and contribute to delay in implementation of their connected terminals.

Technology around connected PDAs is still not an area of expertise for most people and ORBA knew that the people who would operate the devices would be unlikely to have the expertise or time to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix a device that isn’t connecting.

Orba saw and took an opportunity

Having been a PDA provider for over 10 years, ORBA saw an opportunity to extend their services to their customers and provide the connectivity required in addition to the PDA. Eseye’s managed connectivity, provided with the AnyNet SIM, is an optimal solution for ORBA, as it guarantees that their PDAs always have the best possible connectivity, regardless of location and use case.

Using a single model of SIM card saves ORBA from having to source and manage local SIM cards, safe in the knowledge that Eseye’s managed connectivity solution will fit every customer premise. The reliability of the solution is boosted too, as the terminals are always on the right network, and, because of the AnyNet’s multi IMSI features, ORBA’s products are well placed to support any future global expansions.

We have been very impressed with ORBA’s wide selection of products for the retail and hospitality industry and the way in which they guide and support their partners and customers. They are incredibly knowledgeable and excel in supporting their customers through making the right product and service choices.
Paul Marshall, Eseye CCO

The solution includes a cloud-based portal. This enables customers to run reports and optimise processes such as ordering and consumption management.

Current products containing Eseye managed connectivity include the “M3 GREEN”, a product that uses Wi-Fi as its primary connectivity source and fails-over to 3G when Wi-Fi is unavailable, and the new “M3 ORANGE”, the first of which are already installed. In Eseye we found a partner that we have been looking for a long time. It is essential to work with M2M experts who understand the needs of us and of our customers. With Eseye we have been able to tailor our services and support.
Corinne Niverts ORBA Founder, ORBA

A highly dynamic cellular connectivity service

Along with the AnyNet SIM, a key benefit ORBA were looking for in Eseye was our flexibility when it came to SIM management. With Eseye, ORBA’s SIMs do not need to have the same subscription in terms of data allowances, meaning that ORBA themselves can sell products with packages which are appropriate for the needs and uses of their customers.

Eseye enabled ORBA to change the subscription type of individual SIMs, affording them and their customers extra flexibility, and security of the solution for future years. This approach also meant that Eseye’s solution was offered at a very competitive price.

Reliability is essential for our brand and our customers

The reliability of Eseye was another key attraction for ORBA, as any connectivity issues would reflect badly on their reputation, and not only inconvenience their direct customers, but also other companies indirectly dependant on the reliability of ORBA’s processes. Eseye offered ORBA the opportunity to conduct their own internal tests on the product to ensure that it met their requirements and that they were satisfied with the solution as a whole.

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