COVID 19 – A note from our CEO


To our customers and partners,

In these uncertain times we hope that you and your family are safe and coping as best as you can. We would like to reassure you that Eseye continues to operate our business as usual during this time and that you should not see any change to our normal service and support capabilities.  

Firstly, the health and safety of our employees is paramount and following the advice this week from the various governments in the countries we operate regarding home working and social distancing, we have swiftly and effectively transitioned the majority of Eseye’s global business operations to a work from home model effective immediately  

Most importantly during this time we are staying customer focused.  Providing a consistently high level of operational support to our customers is paramount to everybody at Eseye.  We are fortunate that we are a digital business with a global 24/7 operation that is independent of location, and therefore we are fully equipped and able to support home-working whilst continuing to operate all aspects of the business including operations, support, sales and back office administrative functions.  Additionally, the Eseye IoT platform solution runs on a global network with multiple interconnects with Mobile Network Operators around the world and as such provides an enhanced level of resilience for our customers.  

In summary, we are totally committed to support you during these difficult times. If you have any specific questions or support requirements, please contact our support team or call your normal Eseye contact. 

 Best wishes and stay safe.  


Nick Earle 


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