Customer satisfaction – only way to customer loyalty?

Customer satisfaction – only way to customer loyalty?

If it weren’t for our customers, we wouldn’t exist. Because of this we do everything we can to make sure that our customers are pleased to be working with us.

Eseye’s customer service is what sets us apart from competitors. We want our customers to stay with us not only because of our high quality and reasonably priced products and services, but also because people feel like they have had second to none service. A service that answers 60% of support tickets within an hour. We don’t aim to meet your expectations, we strive to exceed them!

In our line of business it is easy to become detached from the customer experience, as everyone is just a name on an order number or a computer generated report. At Eseye we believe that our customers should get the highest level of customer service and satisfaction regardless of whether we are helping them in person or remotely.

‘Often we work with our customers for months on device verification, design or manufacture of a product, and continue to provide 24/7 support. Because of the time invested for mutual benefit we develop a close relationship with each and every customer. It is crucial that all of our customers receive an excellent service with prompt and efficient responses every single time they turn to us. Despite frequent positive feedback it still comes as a nice surprise every time.’ – says Paul Marshall. COO Eseye. ‘There are many ways to improve businesses to surpass competitors, but none are as successful as excellent customer support.’

‘Our customers are enjoying fantastic success and we want to help, thus ensuring that their progress isn’t slowed by connectivity issues. Eseye has learnt that openness and communication is the way forward with our Support Team always ready to listen and engage with each and every customer.’ – says Rob Craig, Head of the Customer Support, Eseye.

Every so often, it’s nice to hear some good words in return for our work. Here are a few happy customers:

‘More helpful response than I was expecting.’

‘Fast efficient service.’

‘Great support, thank you.’

‘The rep was great and very thankful.’

‘Exceptional service.’

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers to getting back to us with their comments. It means a lot to us when somebody takes time to give us their feedback.

We are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service, first time, every time. However sometimes things do go wrong. We want to know when this happens, so that we can sort out any problems as quickly as we can. Has something not gone as expected? Let us know at

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