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Eseye will be represented by Jess Thompson-Hughes at the Digital Disruption in Capital and Infrastructure Event hosted by EY in London today. Jess is presenting a session on how secure and scalable IoT is revolutionising the world of infrastructure, through the use of predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and AWS Cloud services. IoT has saved many companies money in this sector, if you are considering an IoT project in the area then Eseye can help you to bring the product to market in over 190 countries using a single award winning AnyNet Secure SIM.

For more information on the event or to organise a meeting with Eseye, please:
call: +44 1483 802 501

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Eseye’s Steve Cottingham is attending the EHiN eHeatlh Conference in Oslo this week ( Steve’s experience in the healthcare sector coupled with Eseye’s knowledge of M2M IoT connectivity can ensure your healthcare IoT project is given the opportunity to flourish. Eseye’s AnyNet Secure SIMs offer global and secure connectivity that ties seamlessly into your AWS Cloud, easing the development for devices, especially those with sensitive data.

For more information on how Eseye have helped in the healthcare market please see: Philips Case Study or the Just Checking use case.

To contact Steve Cottingham for a meeting at the EHiN eHealth Conference, please:
call +44 1483 802 501

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