Eseye and World Leaders

You’d think Russian President Vladimir Putin has little to learn about power but he and other senior leaders, including the Prime Minister of Turkey, will be attending the World Energy Congress in Istanbul this week. Eseye’s CEO Julian Hardy will be there leading a session on Monday giving a visionary IoT view Smart Grids. Eseye’s Africa Regional Director Stephen Stewart will also be there.


Julian’s session on Monday will develop ideas around the empowering role of the IoT in both emerging and established deployments of smart grid technology, including environmental and socio-economic impact, cases for investment, and the potential nature of partnerships and regulation. Julian will be able to draw upon Eseye’s considerable experience in Smart Grid connectivity, particularly recently in Africa through the deployment of the AnyNet SIM card in a vast number of devices.

If you are interested in meeting Eseye please contact us,

Stephen and Julian – WEC, contact them on: +44 (0) 7754 407 775.

For other enquiries please contact the Eseye office on: +44 1483 802501.

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