Eseye AnyNet Continued Support For 2G in USA

Following the recent announcement from T-Mobile confirming the extension of it US 2G service through to 2020 Eseye is re-iterating its ongoing support and commitment for the use of 2G devices, for the extended T-Mobile timeline and the remaining period of AT&T service availability.

“We understand and empathise with our customers’ concerns regarding the 2G sunset. With the cost of a 2G modem being half the price of a 3G modem and a quarter of a 4G one, we understand the difficult choices device manufacturers and service providers have to make when they chose between cost and future-proofing their connected solutions. In many M2M/IOT solutions, the amount of data required to effectively connect the device doesn’t warrant the 4G modem spend. Moreover, we welcome the announcement and clarity from T-Mobile concerning 2G service availability in the US market. With the millions of 2G devices already deployed the timeline to 2020 enables all parties involved to continue to support existing customers, while providing a realistic timeframe for migrating devices to alternative technologies. We look forward to working with our customers, supporting their 2G deployments as long as service remains available and assisting them in the migration to 3G and LTE over the coming years”, says Paul Marshall COO at Eseye.

Eseye continues to offer access to over 440 cellular networks globally, and this includes 2G and 3G through AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA, giving customers the reassurance that we work with mobile operators to offer them the best and most appropriate service.

The recent announcement from T-Mobile is welcome and very encouraging for both Eseye and our many customers who depend on 2G.


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