Eseye connecting busy households to their Christmas deliveries with the Pelipod.

Eseye connecting busy households to their Christmas deliveries with the Pelipod.


Guildford, UK, 3rd December 2014. For immediate release. Eseye are proud to announce that its AnyNet SIM is connecting the world’s first smart home delivery box: the Pelipod.

With online sales expected to reach 930 million parcels[1] over the 2014 Christmas period in the UK alone, and with estimates that up to 10% of parcels are not delivered on the first attempt, couriers are struggling to deliver as people are out of their homes at the time of delivery. The Pelipod is the perfect solution to alleviate the burden of parcel logistics for both couriers and consumers.

The pod is to be located outside a household for couriers and post staff to drop parcels into while the customer is not at home. Security and connectivity is at the heart of the Pelipod’s functionality. Security is achieved for each delivery or collection via a pin code that allows one-time access to the Pelipod. A two-way messaging system facilitates the communication of these secure codes to the Pelipod. This code is generated by the consumer via a mobile App or on their desktops and then inserted into their delivery address on the parcel. The codes can also work with parcels needing to be returned. When the parcel is delivered an email is sent to the pod’s owner. The Pelipod also takes photos that provide further proof of delivery. The owner can access a list of transactions and authorised users via a portal, accessible by both desktop and mobile.

The Pelipod does not need a customer’s Wi-Fi, landline or mains electricity. All connectivity is through cellular networks and the pod is battery operated requiring battery changes only every 12 months.

In addition, the pod uses an AnyNet SIM which gives the highest in-country network cover and leverages Eseye’s quick support for any queries arising. This is essential because a continuous supply of connectivity is necessary for the Pelipod to deliver and receive the codes and other messages.

Working with Eseye, the team at Pelipod designed a product which is both secure and easy to use for consumers and courier. From the onset, it was clear that the pod needed to be easily accessible and capable of storing multiple parcels. Whilst locker boxes are available in some UK areas, these are often in inconvenient locations and can only be accessed at set hours. It also needed to be extremely secure, which is a challenge when multiple couriers might need access to it. In addition, the product needed to be easy for couriers to use without requiring extensive training and should provide a “confirmation of delivery”.

Theft prevention measures have also been put in place. The Pelipod can be locked remotely and its location can be tracked via the cellular networks. The pod is usually attached to a customer’s house or can be bolted to the ground when installed

From the onset, Eseye worked closely with Pelipod to understand its needs, budgets and timeframe and then provided product development consultancy to deliver an early Proof of Concept (PoC) and subsequently a fully functioning product.

“It’s been exciting being part of Pelipod’s journey.  Like many of the projects Eseye has undertaken, the Pelipod project has been both interesting and challenging. It’s great to see how applying IoT expertise helped realize Pelipod’s vision solve a growing consumer need.”

Jon Darley, Technical Director, Eseye

Eseye’s deep experience in products design, hardware and cellular disciplines helped shave several months off getting the product to market. The first proof of concept was ready within a month and Eseye was able to assist with all the technical challenges associated with the project, such as the need to minimise power consumption so the Pelipod could be battery powered.

 “We have been very impressed with Eseye’s knowledge of the technology as a whole, but also because of the work they had done, specifically on the M-Kopa product.  The team got the Pelipod concept straight away and have been great to work with since. We are delighted with the results.”

Karl Wills, CEO Pelipod




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About Pelipod

Pelipods vision is simple: revolutionise parcel delivery and collection by bringing reliable, time-efficient and easy-to-use technologies to homes and businesses. How? By using a Pelipod, a smart home-delivery box with built-in proof-of-delivery that saves time, money and worry for consumers, couriers and retailers.
Headquartered in London, Pelipod was founded in 2013 and we are privately funded and held. Employees include technology and logistics industry specialists who have fused knowledge of telecommunications, systems design and logistics to create a product that will change parcel delivery forever.

For Pelipod enquiries please contact: Marc Duke at or Telephone +44 (0) 7764 950 953.

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