Eseye joins IoT Business roundtable at DigiWorld Summit Week

Eseye joins IoT Business roundtable at DigiWorld Summit Week

Guildford, UK, 9th November 2015 – Eseye’s SVP Global Sales Fred de Haro has been invited to mediate at the round table discussion at Cap’IoT, DigiWorld Week 2015 in Montpellier, France.

The meeting will be held on the outskirts of the DigiWorld Summit Week, which is devoted to innovation and the digital economy. Earlier this year Montpellier was certified as a French Tech City.  IDATE DigiWorld, an organisation recognised since 1977 for being a reliable resource for tracking telecom, internet and media markets together with partners have developed the event programme. The goal of the event is to enable Europe’s digital leaders to come together and showcase core trends shaping telecom, IT, the Internet and media markets. They will do so by discussing how digital technology is becoming the driving force in many sectors, including energy, insurance, finance, health, automotive, travel and tourism. This year’s theme is ‘Digital First’, an initiative which will bring together French start-ups and established IoT players, academics and authorities to discuss the potential and challenges of digital transformation.

Eseye SVP Sales Fred de Haro will join the ‘Cap’IoT’ round table on 20th November. Organised by Systems Integrator Synox, the event will let leaders in the French IoT ecosystem to discuss essential business steps required for successful IoT strategies and the latest IoT trends. Over 150 participants will take part in the round tables with amongst others discussions around ‘Capture and transmission of the data – which technologies for which purposes?’ (‘Captation et transmission de la donnée, quelles technologies pour quels usages ?’). Fred will be joined by Philippe Combette, Head of Department for Sensors, Components, Systems at IES, Jacque Feldmar, CTO responsible for supply of the connected systems at VIVERIS and Olivier Beaujard, Vice President Market Development at Sierra Wireless.

‘Over the past few years, companies around the world have been pursuing the business models of tomorrow. Many of their goals would not be achievable without the adoption of connected solutions. Gathering data and transforming that into intelligence on which to base decisions promotes the transformation of businesses on a global scale. Gartner talks about Algorithmic Business which makes perfect sense only while efforts have been made, the adoption is very varied. I’m excited to be at the CAP’ IoT event which I believe will offer participants an opportunity to exchange knowledge, viewpoints and enable networking which is key to individual and joint progress. The event will give companies in the French markets the possibility to increase their collaboration and put emphasis on partnerships to create a favourable environment for sustainable business growth.’ – says Fred de Haro.

The round table will take place on Friday, 20th November 9 am – 12:30 pm at IBM Montpellier, France.

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