Eseye joins security experts at ISW 2015

Eseye joins security experts at ISW 2015

Guildford, UK, 18th November 2015 – Eseye’s Head of Global Networks and security professional Simon Earthrowl has been invited join the industry leaders at Information Security World event in London. Simon will participate in a round table discussion, entitled “The Internet of Things and its effect of critical infrastructure”. ISW is a private event, open to information security and related professionals only. It gives an opportunity to network with peers and hear senior industry professionals share their knowledge and discuss the following:

  • The evolution of Security Operations Centres
  • Secure cloud adoption
  • Re-architecting network security
  • A new beginning for endpoint security
  • Best practice security case studies.

‘Our company has global responsibilities and global ambitions. At Eseye we have a proud history of providing our customers with the best possible service assuring their assets and data are secure with us. We visualise all primary and secondary data displaying spatiotemporal activities, which allows us to quickly observe any deviation on the network. We are able to warn our customers quite immediately when a SIM-card is being abused or simply block the SIM-card. This way Eseye customers are protected from receiving huge bills, which can easily happen if a random person gets an access to a SIM-card on a device. However, hackers are information professionals and the more devices that are connected, the more the risk is amplified. Computer information and network security have dominated IoT over past few years and I am certain there will be many hot topics to discuss on Wednesday, and I look forward to it.” – says Simon.

This year’s Information Security World (ISW) event will be held today at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), London.

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