Eseye launches new SIM Management Portal for even easier device control

Eseye  launches new SIM Management Portal for even easier device control

Giving customers new and enhanced features, including an overview of their SIM estate, even when they are being used by multiple end user accounts.

Guildford, UK, 15th June 2015 – Eseye are excited to announce a new and improved version of our SIM Information and Account Management Portal (SIAM). Our cloud based self-service portal now includes features which make it even easier to navigate and operate, with improved profile management, an overview of SIM statuses, and a simpler way to access and retrieve data records from connected devices.

New features of SIAM R3.0 include:

  • Extended alert profile configurations, giving the option to receive user-configured financial, data and messaging alerts. This means we are now able to offer our end users a better overview of the activity on a SIM or a bundled amount which can then be analysed to improve the behaviour of the SIM and the cost.
  • Usage and administration reports.
  • Improved visibility of which users have made changes to the account, including orders and actions taken by the Support Team on a customer’s behalf. User settings can be configured to receive email notification of any activity.
  • New Notifications for new products and orders, invoices pending, network outages and service status.
  • Access to audit logs for each section of the portal which will allow for activity and change tracking for better activity traceability.
  • Improved dashboard with easy access to the sections concerning SIM Activity and Management (including activation), SIM Settings, Activity Records, Account Administration, Ordering, Support, and User Settings
  • Overviews of SIMs, finance, orders, support tickets, account settings, and of reports, notifications, alerts and messaging.
  • Extra search filters meaning it is now possible to search by ICCID, MSISDN, IP, Friendly Name and IMEI, whilst filtering by Group, SIM State and SIM Package.
  • Improved functionality for B2B/B2C with hierarchical overview of accounts and sub accounts, which are easy to create.

We know how important it is to support customers through their deployment, and seek to provide both the ability for rapid self-service, and engineering support for any more complex challenges. SIAM R3.0 extends our ability to facilitate day-to-day management and administration, and includes the ability to quickly create requests for assistance from the support team, who will still be contactable by phone.


For more information or to arrange an interview contact Eseye’s press team on +44 (0)1483 685154 or email

About Eseye

Established in 2007, Eseye is a leading provider of global cellular internet connectivity for IoT devices, delivering Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions to businesses serving key areas of connected home, connected enterprises and connected cities. With headquarters in Europe and offices in North America, Australia, Africa and Asia, the company designs and develops innovative long-life solutions focused on real business outcomes while offering a ubiquitous connectivity layer and unparalleled lifetime service and support. Eseye cover a large global footprint counting managed connectivity customers in 96 countries and continue to deliver the most robust and reliable worldwide network for the Internet of Things.

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