Eseye releases new M2M introductory video

Eseye releases new M2M introductory video


October 1st 2013

To time with the redesign of its website, Eseye is proud to announce the release of a brand new video introduction to M2M.

Produced in conjunction with creative agency Aimed Media, the two minute video aims to inspire viewers, taking them on a journey through the possibilities of M2M. Boasting its own original soundtrack and impressive motion graphics, the video follows a bouncing ball character as it moves from making simple connections to a towering connected smart city.

Tim Price, founder of Aimed Media, said he enjoyed the challenge of finding creative ways to explain an emerging industry:

“M2M is a fascinating but somewhat complex subject, and finding ways to deliver the simple elements of the concept in a visually exciting way was really rewarding. Eseye’s passion for M2M was clear from the brief and it’s a project Aimed Media are definitely proud to have been a part of. Creatively, the concept presented plenty of goldmines to explore, and with Eseye’s product range and vision we were able to put together some really great scenes. I know the team really wanted to highlight just how important the M2M movement is – it’s something that companies need to understand and get right in order to create a connected and secure future – and I think the video really delivers that message.”

Eseye’s CEO Julian Hardy thinks the video is a perfect starting point for the discussion around the possibilities of M2M and how Eseye can deliver them:

“There’s increasing awareness around M2M, the Internet of Things and connected devices. Given that for most companies it’s an enabling technology that changes service models, creates efficiencies or opens up new products, we wanted to break the mold and, based on real experience, show we know just what it can do. Various technology sites attempt to explain M2M, but I think what Eseye and Aimed Media have produced is the perfect first touch intro. This video explains M2M clearly and creatively and it’s the first port of call for anyone wanting a quick insight into Eseye’s world.”

You can watch Eseye’s ‘What is M2M?’ video here and explore the new look website at

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