Eseye shortlisted for European Smart Metering Award!

Eseye shortlisted for European Smart Metering Award!

We are delighted to announce that Eseye has been shortlisted for the European Smart Metering Awards 2013.

For the second year running an Eseye device has been nominated for a Smart Metering Award. Last year it was the Pelican that impressed the judges, this year it’s the Shoebill energy monitor.

Shortlisted in the Home Energy Monitor category, Shoebill is cost-effective, easy to set up and suitable for both domestic and commercial installations. It collects data on electricity usage every half an hour and sends the information wirelessly to a website, which allows the user to analyse the data and see where, when and how they can save on energy.

It’s set apart from other energy monitors by the frequency of its readings and by its twin clamp sensors, which measure consumption from two units, effectively halving the cost for our clients. As well as providing cost-effective data transfer through our brilliant AnyNet™ SIM, Shoebill ultimately saves users the most money by allowing them to work out how best to manage their energy.

Currently being trialed by one of the UK’s leading accommodation providers, Shoebill helps companies save energy, and next year it could be instrumental when London Stock Exchange firms will need to meet Government requirements on energy consumption. From the start of the next financial year, all businesses listed on the LSE will be required to report their levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Shoebill is the perfect piece of technology to not only help companies report their energy usage, but understand it too. By providing data on how they are consuming energy, businesses can work out how to cut their carbon footprint and play a bigger part in making our planet greener.

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