Eseye teams up with Robomow

Eseye teams up with Robomow


Eseye are pleased to announce they have paired up with innovators Robomow to help ensure they keep connected to their products.

Robomow’s goal can be summed up in four words: ‘It mows. You don’t.’ Robomow is all about simple, no-fuss products that are reliable to ensure that the customer doesn’t have to worry about mowing their lawn, which is exactly why they give a two year warranty with every product. This is why Eseye is proud to be providing connectivity through the AnyNet SIM to these fantastic products.

As Robomow products are sold all around the world, they needed a flexible and reliable way to keep connected globally. GSM was the best option for them because of its global reach ensuring the product remains scalable and ready to use in all sorts of locations.

The company were having issues with customers asking for a refund or replacement product after the guarantee had run out, however they had never registered the product, so Friendly Robotics had no way of knowing when exactly the warranty had started or in fact ended. This is a common problem in manufacturer warranties, but with AnyNet connectivity Eseye can ensure that companies are connected to their customers and can easily and reliably keep track of warranties.

“The Robomow is an excellent product that can be used to improve and help let people live their lives for the things they want to be doing, not mowing the lawn. Eseye enjoy being involved in projects like this as it’s great to see simple additions such as the AnyNet SIM achieving worthwhile benefits and results.”

Paul Marshall, COO – Eseye

M2M is all about simple, yet effective solutions. Using the AnyNet SIM to track the devices and register them to Robomow’s system automatically, the company could then see which products are still under warranty. This ensured Robomow had all the information they needed to ensure fair warranties on their products.

“It’s great to see that the simple addition of the AnyNet SIM can obtain worthwhile savings, benefits and unlimited results. The AnyNet is flexible and reliable in all kinds of situations, so it’s great to see the increasing variety of ways this SIM can be used to provide excellent connectivity for products.”

Robomow spokesperson

For more information or to arrange an interview contact Eseye’s press team on +44 (0) 1483 685154 or email

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