Eseye’s GM Americas Damian McCabe to participate at a panel discussion at IoT Evolution Expo

Eseye’s GM Americas Damian McCabe to participate at a panel discussion at IoT Evolution Expo

Eseye, a global provider of intelligent connectivity for IoT, today confirmed that its GM and VP Sales Americas Damian McCabe will participate at the panel discussion during the IoT Evolution Expo at Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, on Wednesday 27th January 2016.

The IoT Evolution Expo is a well-established event bringing together IoT experts, technologists and business leaders, to learn how to leverage the power of IoT to move their business forward. The conference seeks to illustrate, educate and discuss how businesses can drive their productivity, optimise their assets, save on cost and develop new revenue opportunities.

Eseye GM and SVP Americas will join the panel “Worldwide Logistics: Planes, Trains, Ships and Trucks” to discuss how innovative tracking can provide actionable data results to improve transportation logistics. In today’s world it is a requirement to continually improve the quality of tracking to manage shipping logistics. Damian will share his insight into how Eseye can benefit various industries including transportation which we can serve well with cross border and international roaming. Our AnyNet gives access to 440 GSM networks across the globe to ensure best available coverage. Eseye offers a single tariff across multiple countries and multiple networks which makes it easier for our customers, who receive a single bill. In addition, our recent upgrade to the location based services and customer support makes our proposition particularly well suited for high value asset tracking.

“I am looking forward to the excellent discussion with business professionals from companies like SAS, Verizon and Transatel. Eseye brings intelligent connectivity to companies across the world and into many industries I am excited to join the panel and explain how our company brings its solutions to simplify the tracking of vehicles.”

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The panel will take place on Wednesday at 8 AM at IoTE-04, IoT Evolution Expo Session.

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