Inspirational IoT lecture at the University of Surrey


Yesterday, Paul addressed students at the Department of Electronic Engineering at Surrey University with a lecture for students considering the ‘Emerging Technologies in Mobile Communications” course. The course is aimed for those who are new recruits of companies in telecommunication or related industries or who consider doing a part-time master program related to the field. It discusses the principles of emerging technologies developed in recent years some of which are about to be deployed in commercial products and services.

How did you get to go and lecture the students?
The University of Surrey invited me to deliver the lecture as a result of our long-term relationship and in recognition of Eseye’s expertise in the IoT space.

What were the particular areas of IoT/M2M you presented?
The number of applications seen in M2M is exploding, both in numbers of connected devices and in numbers of type of applications deployed. We have had some fun years helping our customers getting all sorts of devices connected. This lecture was specifically customized for vertical businesses with strong emphasis on the concepts and industrial M2M applications trending in the Internet of Things area right now.
So, as contribution to the course syllabus, I explained how M2M devices can be designed for optimum performance and how specialist M2M suppliers like Eseye provide managed connectivity through custom built network infrastructure.
What aspects of M2M of particular interest ? I must say, the students were particularly interested in the security aspects of M2M applications and how to help customers ensure both the integrity of the data and how the devices can be secured against malicious attacks. I included an overview of some interesting customer anecdotes, illustrating some of most forward thinking examples of the great IoT innovation we have seen to date.
What role should businesses like Eseye have in shaping the future of the courses that universities offer? I was delighted to give the students my perspective on the IoT world and add practical value to their theoretical knowledge. Realising how widely discussed the topic is now, it is pleasure to see that much interest to the area from the younger generation. At Eseye, we are pleased to be seen as a leader in IoT space and looking forward to the new opportunities for collaboration with universities and other educational institutions.
Each year we have summer students and permanent employees joining us from universities around the world and so to be given the opportunity to give something back and perhaps influence what they learn, even just on a very small scale, is a great personal satisfaction for me.



Paul Marshall is COO and Co-founder of Eseye. Read more about him here.

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