Transforming Lives with Innovative IoT Powered Healthcare Solutions

Our reliable multi-network global connectivity ensures that healthcare is never compromised.

Our Connectivity Management Platform and unique AnyNet technology optimise to deliver near 100% device connectivity meaning that once healthcare devices are connected, they stay connected.  Learn how Philips was able to reduce connectivity costs by over 25% whilst delivering improved connectivity device uptime with our proven solution. 

We enable organisations to deliver reliable, remote healthcare

Millions of vulnerable people benefit from new IoT monitoring service​

Next generation telecare expert Alcuris recently developed Memo Hub to enable vulnerable and elderly people to confidently lead more independent and better-protected lives from the safety of their homes. 

Alcuris partnered with us for our unique multi-network AnyNet 4G cellular IoT and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) connectivity expertise, which provides the highly reliable, resilient and critical connection between the Memo Hub and a 24/7 alarm monitoring centre and allows for multi-network switching instantly.

"Working with Eseye, we have already seen a reduction in failed installations and callouts due to poor network coverage, reducing repeat visits and in turn, saving costs and ultimately improving patient care".
Udo Goldbach
Operations Manager Europe, Philips Healthcare

Learn more about our Intelligent IoT Connectivity

Accelerated IoT Device Prototyping

Accelerate your IoT device design and reduce time to market. Learn more about our rapid IoT device prototyping solution - the HERA 300.

IoT Connectivity Hardware

Our HERA 600 routers with our intelligent connectivity are trusted by global brands to connect IoT devices in over 190 countries.

Intelligent Global Connectivity

Our Intelligent network switching platform dynamically changes the network profile to achieve near 100% global connectivity.

Seamless Cloud Integration

The world's first direct connection to AWS - learn more about our unique integration that can seamlessly provision device data to AWS IoT.

Five Steps to Global IoT Success

How to overcome the complications of global IoT deployment and ensure your project achieves its goals.