IoT meetings at Surrey University – a peek into the future?

IoT meetings at Surrey University – a peek into the future?

IoT has never been hotter than today and that became very clear yet again at the IoT Meetup at the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre on the 19th May. A group of 5G researchers, passionate professionals representing leading IT and IoT companies, and students regularly get together to discuss the future of IoT, ask questions and share ideas. From enterprises to homes, handy things we use throughout the day to those hidden from the naked eye, the solutions are unlimited and they are already forming our future.

The 5G development-orientated initiative has now taken place on 12 occasions, attracting an increasingly large audience to the brand new 5G building at the University of Surrey. Eseye is delighted to be a part of the team of visionary professionals, this time joined by Samsung, Zebra and HyperCat, who have created innovative solutions which are already in place, and are poised to make even greater progress in the future.

Hot discussions are the part of the meeting that many particularly look forward to; it is the opportunity to ask questions regarding 5G, ways to control devices, security and, most significantly, about the integrity of the development. As we become more and more connected, more and more personal data is hitting the cyberspace. Can we be secure as we proceed? Are we safe storing sensitive data on the cloud? How much responsibility do companies take for the information stored by them or their 3rd parties? The questions kept coming and as the discussions took new turns and more people joined in, it became clear that we all are responsible for the future we are creating today.

We all agreed on one point – the more connected we get and the more devices we are using, the more dependant we are on reliable connectivity. Working along with our colleagues in the IoT space, we are happy to offer solutions that help each other to proceed further. At Eseye, we see these meetups as a way to learn what is new in our area, to network and to inspire students. As always, the products connected by Eseye, both in use and development, attracted a lot of attention. We demonstrated to the audience that what we are doing is not science fiction – it is already part of our lives today and tomorrow.

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