Advanced SM-SR technology for flexible, reliable IoT connectivity.

Learn about the importance of SM-SR ownership for flexible IoT deployments, and how by having full control of our own SM-SR we can ensure high levels of global connectivity through effective over-the-air network switching.


Enhanced control of IoT

The SM-SR (Subscription Manager Secure Routing) securely delivers encrypted operator credentials to the SIM and remotely manages the SIM thereafter.

Access to the SM-SR is critical to enable seamless network switching. Without it, localising or switching networks over-the air (OTA) can cause complications and delay.


Seamless network switching

We manage the entire profile transfer process to provide a seamless global connectivity solution to our customers.

Reducing the administrative overheads associated with SM-SR management and changes between MNOs enables us to provide greater up-time, device performance and value for customers.


Fall-back capabilities

In addition to SM-SR, our patented multi-IMSI solution ensures the insurance options for fall-back and bootstrap connectivity are maintained.

This is critical for customers to ensure high device availability and quality of service, should their devices need to revert to a previous operator profile.

Discover how our innovative eUICC and Multi-IMSI SIM technology combine to help you solve global IoT challenges.

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Global IoT Connectivity

Success story

Our devices can be deployed anywhere in the world without any concerns around connectivity. We can provide one single solution to over 90% of the market due to the capability of the AnyNet SIM to connect to the strongest available network at any time, and our customers know their costs in advance.

The Eseye solution also offers one single global bill which combines the costs of network providers across all contracts. That capability coupled with the ability to provide an IoT SIM that works for their geographical region is a tremendous advantage.

Barbara Hathaway, VP of Engineering, Ovarro Read case study
Global IoT Connectivity

IoT That Works

Get the AnyNet Advantage

Achieve your IoT project’s full potential with Eseye as your guide:

  • IoT advisory services: end-to-end IoT project consultancy from design to deployment
  • IoT connectivity: near 100% global connectivity with the AnyNet+ eSIM
  • Connectivity management platform: private, secure global connectivity with total flexibility and control
  • Global MNO partnerships: access to over 700+ networks globally covering 190 countries
  • Technology and cloud partnerships: benefit from our relationships and strengthen your IoT business case

Our services and solutions

Connectivity Management

Access the world’s largest secure private virtual mobile network through our advanced IoT Connectivity Management Platform.

AnyNet+ eSIM

Easily scale your IoT deployment. 1 IoT SIM with global, multi-network cellular coverage across 700+ carriers and 190+ countries.

Private Network

Access to the largest number of MNO interconnects available globally for robust and secure localised connectivity options.