M2M helping our homes this winter

M2M helping our homes this winter

As the weather gets colder, M2M technology can help homes across the country, saving energy, cutting costs and keeping people safe.

Eseye’s award-winning energy monitor, Shoebill, collects data on electricity usage every half an hour and sends the information wirelessly to a user’s web or smartphone dashboard application, allowing users to analyse the data and see where, when and how to save on energy. This allows the customer to easily see where they are losing energy and help them take complete control when it comes to their bills, ensuring no nasty surprises when it comes to winter.

As well as saving money on energy bills and reducing carbon footprints, M2M can not only keep you cosy during the colder months at a low cost, but can also help ensure elderly or ill people can live at home comfortably without worry. Especially during the winter months, family, friends or even patients can worry about healthcare and keeping up with health checks at their local GP or hospital. Devices such as glucometers, GPS trackers and movement sensors, help keep families and patients more at ease, enabling data and alerts to be sent securely to a professional when needed.

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