M2M in the News – December 21 2012

M2M in the News – December 21 2012

Predicted rise in M2M alarm systems

4.3 million home and small business alarm systems will be connected to European cellular networks by 2016. Research by the analyst firm Berg Insight forecasts huge growth in the M2M security industry, with an estimated 4.3 million connected alarm systems by 2016, alongside huge increases in shipments of wireless M2M modules – from 2.9 million in 2011 to a predicted 20 million in 2016 across EU27+2.

The research is part of Berg Insight AB’s latest report Security Applications and Wireless M2M available on researchandmarkets.com.

André Malm, Senior Analyst at Berg Insight, believes the market is ripe for intrusion alarm systems, with penetration currently at only 3 per cent for all businesses and households across Europe. He adds that near-term growth will of course be affected by the current economic climate, particularly for countries like Spain and the UK, as fewer houses are willing to make investments.

Car tracking devices will also see a dramatic rise in interest, especially with the proposed European eCall initiative that will require all new cars sold in the EU from 2015 be fitted with an automatic emergency call system. The report also points to construction equipment, leisure vehicles and boats as emerging niche markets for tracking systems.

So why are people turning to M2M for their security systems? According to Eseye’s COO Paul Marshall, the simple answer is that cellular networks provide connectivity that’s more secure and more reliable.

“Wired connections have to go through an end-user infrastructure, where human error can pose a risk of disruption, whereas managed cellular connectivity is significantly more reliable.” While many low-end alarm systems might appear to offer a cheap alternative, they often require a DIY approach, where the user has to arrange the SIM and connectivity themselves, which can turn out to be not only less cost-effective but less reliable, as the user doesn’t get alerts if the device fails.

“Eseye’s managed connectivity solutions mean users can get alerts on the status of their device up to every four minutes, offering a truly reliable security solution, rather than putting the SIM card in and hoping the alarm works when it’s needed.”

Eseye has already seen a steady rise in their security solutions and are prepared for the predicted surge in demand. Making sure there’s no loss of data or connectivity is crucial to this.

“Not only does the AnyNet™ SIM select the network with the best signal, but our data centres are fully redundant, so as well as duplicating every component within each data centre, we have the ability to transfer functionality between them. Most companies might think a meteor crashing to earth is a reasonable excuse for a loss of data, but not Eseye!”

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