M2M in the News

M2M in the News

Every day M2M technology brings us new, quirky and even life-changing inventions that can help make our lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. So in case you thought it was all SIM cards and interfaces, we’ll be using our M2M in the News blogs to give you a little more insight into the machine-to-machine world and all its possibilities.

At Eseye we have been getting very excited about some of the latest developments and products that really demonstrate the range of benefits that M2M offers – from making you laugh to saving lives. Here are just a few that caught our eye!

The toy that tells you when you’ve got mail

This wireless paper toy from ReaDIYmate is a fun way of livening up your desk and personalising your email and social media alerts. It can growl and jump around when you get an email from your mother-in-law or jump for joy if someone comments on your Facebook profile.


M2M desktop monsters

Co-founder Marc Chareyron believes that items like this will bring more of an emotional connection to technological items. The fun little creature won’t change the world, but it’s guaranteed to make you smile!

The helmet that communicates with a coach

A special M2M-enabled helmet could make the difference between life and death for athletes. The Shockbox Sensor helmet which was unveiled last week adds another layer of safety for sportsmen and women. If the wearer falls and bangs their head, the helmet registers the level of impact and sends an alert to the coach or referee’s phone. It then gives a checklist and series of tests to ensure the player isn’t injured. The device looks like it could prove particularly useful in sports like hockey and American football and for injuries where every second counts, it could revolutionise the sporting world.

Always losing your keys?

In an age where we’d be lost without our smartphones, I can’t be the only one who expects to ring my house keys when I can’t find them. Well, one company has answered my prayers and brought M2M technology to the front door with a device that can lock and unlock your door from anywhere around the world using just your smartphone. Lockitron offers keyless entry to your front door, which can be locked or unlocked from anywhere in the world using an app. It could be a great tool for parents giving keys to their children for the first time, allowing them to simply change the password if the phone is lost – and never having to change the locks again.


The Lockitron app

Eseye’s own M2M solutions work very much in the same way as Lockitron and Shockbox. We want to add security to our clients’ businesses and ensure we deliver the very best in machine-to-machine technology to provide cost-effective solutions that are all, ultimately, about improving lives. Check out our Security page to find out more about SIM Security.

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