Why struggle with something that isn’t part of your organisation’s core expertise?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) offers you a new type of worry-free solution for achieving global cellular-based internet connectivity. It is provided in a service model whereby Eseye assume all responsibility for the communications aspects of your M2M solution.

The benefits of HaaS are many! You can save time and effort, reduce costs and speed up your time-to-market through leveraging our vast portfolio of specialist skills and expertise. We can get you intelligently connected to the internet using reliable M2M-grade hardware, tried and tested global Multi IMSI cellular connectivity, and 24/7 technical support.

Service highlights include:

Non-core expertise delivered by specialists.
The combination of cellular networking, cellular gateway and router hardware in addition to firmware and software expertise required to successfully integrate an M2M solution, is not part of most of our customers’ core expertise. Even when it is, getting reliably and securely connected can still be complex and require highly sophisticated skills.

Simplified operations – only one number to call when things aren’t working
We have all heard of situations where suppliers blame each other when a solution is not connecting as it is supposed to. This can be problematic when a connected solution is complex and when the moving parts of the connectivity service is supplied by two or three different suppliers. With HaaS, Eseye is the only point of contact and there will be no one else to blame. Our GOLD SLA will ensure our HaaS customers have a dedicated email and phone lines for rapid response support.

OPEX instead of CAPEX affords you timed investment in your connected solution.
The service offers you the opportunity to spread the costs of your M2M connectivity over a period of 3-5 years and is a great way of managing your investment.

Lifetime cost management – no surprises.
There are no hidden or unforeseen costs throughout deployment. With Hardware as a service your costs for the communications part of your solution are known from the onset, Eseye charges a monthly license fee which includes every aspect of the solution including communications hardware, AnyNet global connectivity, device maintenance and management and general support at Gold SLA level for the duration.

See the full service overview below or give us a call to discuss how this may benefit your organisation.


Eseye holds ISO27001 Certification!

Eseye achieved ISO27001 certification in October 2014. The ISO27001:2013 certificate represents a global Information Security Management System standard that protects our customers by ensuring we have an effective security management system. The certification demonstrates a full assessment and validation of end-to-end security systems related to handling Eseye and customer data.

Check our ISO27001:2013 Certificate here


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