Multi-network connectivity is at the heart of Smart City

Multi-network connectivity is at the heart of Smart City


The consumer experience of big data and machine-to-machine technology is perhaps best felt in the field of Smart City and Infrastructure where sensors and real time connectivity deliver valuable data that can do everything from guiding drivers to available parking spaces to predicting natural hazards and successfully managing the evacuation of a whole region.

Eseye is at the forefront of the M2M movement and works with the most innovative clients to enable a range of Smart City solutions. Founded in 2007 and with year-on-year growth, Eseye has built a large customer base, working across key industries with firms from pioneering SMEs to global giants like Siemens and Costa. This year we received funding from the Technology Strategy Board to work within the EyeHub Internet of Things consortium, developing an M2M ecosystem in Guildford UK, that will initially see a suite of safety apps targeting students, while building a proving ground for other Smart City solutions.

Eseye has a commitment to machine-to-machine technology – connecting devices to save businesses time and money by boosting operational efficiency through exceptional technical expertise. We’re not just dedicated to solutions; we’re passionate about the benefits for both businesses and consumers, driving the Smart City revolution by connecting devices that improve living standards and reduce environmental impact.

Our AnyNet SIM is at the heart of our solutions, and has recently been developed with a Multi IMSI option, so global devices can benefit from local networks as well as unbroken connectivity and over-the-air reprogramming. It is this simple, effective and efficient SIM solution that we present to the Smart City Expo as being the prototype for Smart City connectivity.

Eseye doesn’t just develop and enable technologies; it offers expertise of M2M in the real world. As exciting as new solutions are, we need to be both realistic and responsible when it comes to viable technologies, and be prepared to put in considerable work and research right now, while we’re on the edge of a real Smart City revolution.

Our vision at Eseye is to connect the world in an efficient, secure and affordable way, maximising the world’s resources to improve quality of life.

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