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Intelligently Connected™ for a new world

Eseye is a global provider of Managed Connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). We ensure your customers in homes, enterprises and cities are Intelligently Connected™ to the internet (or a secure private network) in 116 countries via 440 mobile networks. Eseye have connected over 1000 different device types.

How can we connect your customer? It’s simple; our brand is your business. Our brand is your brand, our successes are your successes and our clients, well truth is… we don’t have clients, we have channel partners. Eseye enable our channel partners to drive new revenue streams from the Internet of Things.

Our mission:

1  To cause a RIoT – Revolutionize Internet of Things
2  Reduce IoT complexity
3  Solve IoT customer pain points

The Eseye Partner Program is designed to reward partners for selling connectivity, hardware and solutions across the Eseye portfolio. Our goal is to provide our partners with the ongoing education and support needed to mutually grow our businesses together.

Partner Benefits

Eseye gives our partners and customers market leadership through innovation. We are a design house, a development team, a connectivity provider and a device and solutions management company all in one!

We provide one sole point of contact for everything concerning your connected estates and no time is ever wasted with multi-supplier communications. With us, you’ll be working with experts in all IoT and M2M related areas. We reduce-time-to market for products and services, remove complexity from integration of cellular connectivity, and accelerate business returns with successful deployments from the onset.

Our consolidated skills and expertise span over 400 man-years in device design and development, cellular and M2M application design and development, and integrated hardware platform development and delivery.

Additional benefits include:

  • Tiered partner level discounts
  • Partner originated deal incentives
  • Marketing collateral
  • Technical training
  • Sales support and online tools
  • Deal registration – US only

Apply today to become an authorized partner, and receive incentives and resources to increase your revenue from Managed Connectivity for the Internet of Things.

One global network

Specializing in Managed Connectivity, Eseye has close to 1 million Intelligently Connected™ devices in homes, enterprises and cities (in over 116 countries with over 440 Mobile Network Operators) via our Anynet™ SIM card – the world’s first true multi-IMSI SIM card, with more route paths to global end points than any other provider or carrier globally.

Go ahead… make $$$ from the Internet of Things!

One solution

Connectivity design, integration and management
Managed 3G/4G/DSL router platform
Hardware design and integration, and device verification
Cellular network certification
99.8% network uptime assurance
24/7 rapid response support

How can we help YOU?

Managed Connectivity

When it comes to Managed Connectivity for Machine-2-Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT), a single consumer mobile network operator may not provide the coverage your device needs to be at its best.

What happens when you lose coverage with your mobile network operator?
What happens when your device crosses a country border?

Eseye understands this, which is why we connect you to the award-winning Eseye AnyNet multi-IMSI SIM and our one global network of networks.

With several patents, the Eseye AnyNet multi-IMSI SIM offers the best connectivity for your remote devices, regardless of country or location. When you use Eseye’s technology and the AnyNet SIM, you’re using the only infrastructure designed to support the Internet of Things and for your device to be Intelligently Connected™.

One integrated platform


Our deep network integration = CONTROL


How do you become Intelligently Connected™?

Eseye is Causing a RIoT – many providers offer single SIM, single network solutions and make IoT connectivity too complex. Not Eseye. Eseye is reducing IoT complexity and solving IoT customer pain points caused by other providers on a daily basis.

First-class coverage – The Eseye AnyNet multi-IMSI SIM offers extensive 2G, 3G and 4G LTE GSM coverage, enabling your device to communicate reliably with the back end of your systems. Eseye has close to 1 Million connected devices in homes, enterprises and cities which are Intelligently Connected ™ in over 116 countries with over 440 Mobile Network Operators via their Anynet™ SIM card – the world’s first true multi-IMSI SIM card with more route paths to global end points than any other provider or carrier globally. Need CDMA in the US? No problems, Eseye can deliver that too. Our AnyNet SIM has the ability to select multiple in-country mobile network operators thus ensuring maximum coverage and connectivity.

SIM Information and Account Management (SIAM) – is the window to all your connected M2M devices. See the SIAM Portal tab for more information.

AnyNet Multi IMSI SIM Specifications

The AnyNet multi IMSI is a global M2M connectivity solution, allowing connectivity to over 440 networks the world over using Eseye’s private APN. The AnyNet automatically scans for available networks and makes a connection based on reliability, delivering a far more robust solution than a single network or in-country roaming offering.

The AnyNet multi IMSI can have numerous IMSIs either pre-loaded onto the SIM or sent Over-The-Air (OTA) once deployed, removing the chance of network operator lock in or stranded devices if 2G networks are switched off. This unique offering facilitates remote diagnostics, device maintenance and device control of your entire estate.

The network agnostic AnyNet multi IMSI is perfect for M2M applications covering large geographical areas and those applications where connectivity management and reliability is key, The AnyNet multi IMSI can change the underlying characteristics of the SIM from one mobile operator to another to allow access to a greater number of networks, local network data tariffs, international roaming compliances and remove future data pricing negotiation constraints.

The AnyNet multi IMSI offering eliminates the issues of network downtime or congestion,interference or weak signals. Eseye’s managed AnyNet connectivity delivering uptimes of 99% or more and removes the need for sourcing of multiple mobile network suppliers, in turn reducing costs and time-to-market for your M2M-enabled applications. If required, we can help design your M2M solution and once you are ready to deploy it, managing your SIMs couldn’t be easier with the cloud-based Eseye SIM Management Portal (SIAM).

Key features

  • Network agnostic managed connectivity
  • Numerous OTA reprogrammable IMSI slots
  • Flexible integration – embedded or standard card form
  • Worldwide network coverage withaccess to 440 Mobile networks
  • Fixed IP optional) / VPN (optional)
  • Full suite of security features
  • Real-time SIM locationshown on a map
  • Real-time billing alerts
  • Full datacapture and analysis available with Eseye Services
  • Device level support through your integration process and during deployment with Eseye
  • Device Verification and Managed Services

Bespoke devices

Eseye manufacture and develop our own gateways, monitors, sensors, and routers for Machine-2-Machine / Internet of Things which work with our managed AnyNet connectivity to provide 2G/3G/4G cellular internet access in even the most remote of locations.

Hera 100

Reference platform for sensor / telemetry application development

Speed up your machine’s time to market with our ready-to-go communications solution!

The HERA100 is a compact quad band widget that provides simple connectivity enablement via two-way 2G AnyNet managed connectivity. It is suited to applications requiring measurement or control of products and assets.

This widget is ideal for Internet of Things solutions such as warranty fraud prevention (once a machine is turned “on” data is recorded and sent via the cellular network), services for high value asset monitoring, and product telemetry applications, whereby manufacturers and service providers can reliably gather product or application information remotely.

Fitted with an embedded AnyNet SIM chip, 2G modem and a library of sensor control software, the HERA100 is a low-cost and easy-to-integrate component that allows manufacturers and service providers to realise their connected product strategy with a much reduced time-to-market.

Hera 200

Arduino compatible, programmable, AnyNet enabled sensor gateway (2G)

The HERA200 is a 2G GSM gateway solution optimised for cellular sensor or command/control applications. Built with support for, and using the Arduino open-standard code base, it enables an easy connection to mobile networks and offers a roaming platform for cloud connected mobile solutions.

Hera 600 Series

M2M-Grade AnyNet™ 3G / 4G Router

The HERA range offers secure, reliable connectivity to multiple devices – with full network redundancy. With advanced encryption options and dual SIM failover – including the option of our clever embedded AnyNet SIM – HERA600 (3G), HERA601 (faster 3G) and high speed HERA604 (4G) offer advanced M2M grade connectivity. With rapid uptake across the manufacturing, healthcare and retail sectors, the HERA range of integrated services routers gives you adaptable, rock-solid data connectivity to multiple devices, wherever you need it.

The HERA600 Series is very versatile and can be adapted to most industry applications. It is perfect for integration to permanently connect larger machines or processes to the Internet or to provide DSL or Wi-Fi back up. We have helped a number of customers integrate this product, speeding up time to market and ensuring they get their solution right from the start using our Design & Integration Consultancy Services.

Hera 800 Series

Secure, reliable global comms for your enterprise, machines, systems or remote networks

The HERA800 series of integrated business continuity services platforms is a range of high performance broadband routers for businesses requiring reliable M2M solutions. The range comprises fixed-configuration platforms that provide concurrent broadband connectivity over a choice of DSL technologies, 3G or Long Term Evolution (LTE/4G) mobile broadband, and Gigabit Ethernet coupled with Gigabit Ethernet LAN and 802.11n Wireless.

Dedicated acceleration processors ensure system performance is maintained while delivering a range of additional services including firewall, intrusion detection and encryption. Expansion interfaces are built into the design, allowing additional hardware modules to be added in order to rapidly enhance the product set while maintaining cost constraints.

The HERA800 platform considers each class of deployment and integrates management solutions to suit. Whether deploying to individual enterprises using the web-based configuration interface, or as part of a larger scale network, using TR.069 the simple management interfaces of the HERA800 ensure rapid solution deployment. While the previous generation of products provide many similar core features, an enterprise session border controller (e-SBC) provides complete SIP session management. It will terminate SIP sessions, parse, analyse and manipulate the SIP signalling and then regenerate the session, providing complete two-way session protection and isolation. Through session separation, controls over the associated real time media flows, firewall pin holes and network address translation, the HERA800 allows the enforcement and management of session security while enhancing the delivery and monitoring of quality of service.

Hardware as a service

SIM Information and Account Management (SIAM) portal

The SIM Information and Account Management (SIAM) portal is the window to all your customer connected M2M devices, allowing real–time device management, SIM administration and customer account management from anywhere in the world.

SIAM gives you a real-time view into your device data sessions and billing, enabling your customer to set alerts to avoid bill shock!

The portal is a proprietary web-enabled dashboard used by customer and support teams alike to monitor and control device behavior via a portfolio of cloud-based tools. Giving service providers, channel partners and end user customers full control of their devices.

And the best part – it’s FREE!!

Easy to Use – with intuitive user interface
Feature Rich – giving users a variety of tools for monitoring and management.
Quick set up – allows instantaneous deployment & flexibility for account set up.
Excellent support – with documentation and direct access to our support team.

We offer complete flexibility around management of SIMs. If you would like to use an API rather than SIAM, please see Tigrillo API User Guide.

SIAM portal structure

Device Management – Allows users to locate, view, manage and monitor devices, with features including real time and historical device information, and graphical device location. Other features include: IP address configuration, Firewall management, protocol management and many more.

Profile Management – This allows users to configure their service with regards to Messaging, Alerting and Reporting.

User Administration – With a hierarchical set up and user management, there is flexibility around roles based permission sets and wider organisation topology.

Finance Management – SIAM allows users to access their real-time and historical billing data for easy billing management. The portal features integrated credit card billing for easy payments and the web shop allows existing customers to order new devices or SIMs at the click of a button.

Inventory/Fulfilment Management – Companies using the SIAM portal can purchase new SIM cards and products through the portal web shop and subsequently receive notifications related to their purchases.

Technical Support – Extensive technical support is available through the SIAM documentation and the Eseye support team to help customers analyse data, understand device behaviour and remotely manage SIMs and devices.

User guide and demonstration

Download user guide

Request a demonstration

Premium Location Based Services

Eseye offer a Premium Location Based Services (Premium LBS) with accurate location information provided straight from our network Home Location Register (HLR).

This new Application Program Interface (API) service provides users access to accurate positioning of their devices in longitude and latitude format. Updates of any changes in location are sent to customers via HTTP Posts, enabling customers to have a self-updating database that contains the location of all devices in their estate.

The Premium LBS is available to all of our customers as it needs no device integration or specific hardware beyond the AnyNet SIM card. Because it uses our HLR and an app that can be run remotely on the AnyNet SIM card. This removes any need for redesigning a device for the use of costly Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

The Premium LBS enables real-time lookup of locations through the interrogation of the HLR. When a device is online our HLR can see its location, based on the mast it is connected to. Eseye turn this result into universally understandable latitude and longitude values, these are sent out to the customer.

Should a device be moved and develop a fault in transit the real-time lookup service can locate where the device is located and only the correct device needs recalling not the entire delivery.

“The location information can be a hugely useful tool for our customers. We are always keen to help our customers make the most of their connected solutions and have developed the Premium LBS to be of great benefit to those who use the SIAM/JSON API to feed data straight into their own back end systems. I am pleased to announce that we have such a great new service.” Ian Marsden, Eseye CTO

During Eseye’s thorough testing process our Support Team have found the Premium LBS incredibly useful. They have used the services for locating troublesome devices and ensuring that our customers have located the correct device.

Overview of Eseye Location Based Services

The Premium LBS is available for a monthly charge and is only available as JSON encoded data on the location API. For more information please contact us on


Eseye is a global specialist supplier of cellular internet connectivity for intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

As the IoT evolves, businesses want to use the data pouring from intelligent devices to make intelligent decisions and to develop new applications, products and services. Eseye makes that happen with an end-to-end suite of connectivity and device solutions unique in the market.

What we do – cause a RIoT! (Revolutionize IoT)

We work with businesses around the world on connected Home, Enterprise and City applications covering key sectors such as Energy, Smart City, Healthcare, Retail and Finance, Transport and Other markets.

As the network of networks, Eseye makes the Internet of Things happen with a platform approach comprising of a complete suite of unique connectivity and device solutions and services.

We are device, network and data management platform agnostic!

For service providers and customers we provide flexible and tailored solutions for Connected Homes, Connected Enterprises and Connected Cities that can make use of a portfolio of M2M-grade devices if required. Our customers can deploy on any of 440 cellular networks globally and depend on our expertise to resolve even the most complex solutions requirements.

We are different to other M2M and IoT companies!

Unlike other M2M and IoT organisations, our emphasis is entirely on the customer experience. Our deep M2M connectivity and device expertise enables us to deliver reliably connected solutions across a multitude of industries where thousands of different types of devices are being deployed.

Our flexible approach allows us to deliver integrated devices and IoT solutions, and provide application management, performance monitoring, configuration support, 24/7 service availability, managed connectivity and a ubiquitous and consistent network service level regardless of geography and IoT requirement complexity.

Eseye’s focus is entirely on a tailored customer experience to faultlessly connect each device to the internet.

We are the first and only supplier of a true Over-the-Air reprogrammable Multi IMSI SIM card – the AnyNet – and have deployed hundreds of thousands.

We have pioneered a completely independent Network of Networks.

The devices we manage can be found in 96 countries and we believe this is the largest footprint of any M2M/IoT provider.

Our close partnerships and systems ownerships give us unmatched access to, and control over, key connectivity infrastructure enabling us to offer private APNs, SMSC services, HLR access and USSD services.

We make our expertise available to our customers, offering exceptional remote connectivity management, device management, diagnostics and verification services, and support 24/7 all year around.

Why partner with Eseye?

We give our partners and customers market leadership through innovation.

Eseye are a design house, a development team, a connectivity provider and a device and solutions management company all in one! This means that our customers have one sole point of contact for everything concerning their connected estates and no time is ever wasted with multi-supplier communications.

With us, you’ll be working with experts in all IoT and M2M related areas. We reduce-time-to market for products and services, remove complexity from integration of cellular connectivity and accelerate business returns with successful deployments from the onset.

Our consolidated skills and expertise span over 400 man-years in device design and development, cellular and M2M application design and development, and integrated hardware platform development and delivery.

Eseye leadership team

For details of our experienced leadership team, please click here.

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