Eseye puts Airmax on target for 15% cost reduction


Eseye don’t just connect devices. For Airmax, not only did we optimise data usage and increase efficiency, we opened up new markets for their business through strategic partnerships.


Airmax are market leaders in providing innovative telematics solutions to a wide range of industries. Used by fleet managers, leasing companies, banks and insurance companies worldwide, their telematics products and solutions help their customers save on energy and cost. Airmax has in-depth understanding of vehicle communication systems as well as GPS and terrestrial positions systems and techniques. The organisation’s core expertise is the development of in-vehicle telematics devices and one-box solutions that combine on-board diagnostics with GPS. Their technology is used in vehicles and fleets across the world, enabling businesses to monitor vehicle activity, control fuel and operating costs, and reduce CO2 emissions. With telematics solutions already installed in over 250,000 vehicles, Airmax relies on the very best in managed connectivity to help their clients’ businesses run smarter and more efficiently.

Airmax had used a range of telecoms suppliers providing connectivity directly to them and their customers, but they no longer wanted to be tied to a single network.


Airmax turned to Eseye hoping that they could put their trust in a provider who would take complete responsibility of their connectivity, without restricting them to a single network. They wanted a simple solution along with assurance that they were getting the best value for money, customer care and network flexibility. Eseye analysed Airmax’s data traffic and identified a potential cost-reduction of 15%. In Spring 2013, Eseye starts rolling out the AnyNetTM SIM which will afford Airmax great network flexibility and value for money.

The AnyNetTM SIM perfectly meets Airmax’s requirements and is a central part of data cost reductions. Providing connectivity to several networks at any one time, the secure embedded SIM guarantees coverage and peace of mind. It’s ideal for M2M solutions within a range of sectors, like telematics, that cover large geographical areas, and it removes the need for multiple network suppliers. Not only will it always use the network with the best signal, but Eseye engineers have developed in-house SIM applications and Over the Air (OTA) programming capabilities which allow them to reprogram devices to use preferred operators. Embedding the AnyNetTM SIM into boards and units will also create a more resilient and secure unit, protecting telematics devices from tampering.

Airmax is a company principally engaged in the provision of telematics solutions for the automotive industry. Airmax currently partners with Novacom Services in this area. Having made extensive investigation of suppliers in the industry I can confirm Airmax has chosen Eseye as its global supplier of choice for M2M solutions. Eseye’s AnyNetTM proposition, device management, customer service and end-to-end provision set Eseye apart for us.

Steve Perham

CEO, Airmax

One of the key ways Eseye can save Airmax money is through aggregating data usage. Whereas other providers charge the full data allowance for under-limit vehicles as well additional use for others, with AnyNetTM, Eseye will calculate the typical usage across the fleet, taking underuse into account. This optimal data usage affords substantial savings.


When we started working with Airmax, it was clear there were a number of ways we could help improve their data efficiency, not to mention giving them the benefit of our superb technical support. We also saw huge potential for their business and through our sales team in America we used Eseye’s own business base to help introduce a new market to Airmax. I’m delighted to be part of such a strong business relationship that really goes beyond SIM cards and connectivity.

Jess Wakefield

Head of Development, Eseye

Not only will Eseye’s embedded SIM cards and managed connectivity see Airmax on track for a 15% cost reduction, but Eseye is also opening up new markets for the telematics firm and creating revenue streams. We introduced Airmax to one of our hardware customers who have brought their products to the US market – something that was previously difficult to do as European providers were reluctant to work across the Atlantic. Eseye is now driving testing and manufacturing of these units on behalf of Airmax – units that will have the embedded AnyNetTM SIM and will benefit from Eseye’s global connectivity.

Eseye takes a broader view of its customers’ business needs, with a team that works hard to cultivate strong strategic relationships which go beyond simple connectivity and devices to create new business opportunities and truly global solutions.


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