2021 State of IoT Adoption: Supply Chain & Logistics


Gain a deeper understanding of the state of IoT adoption in the Supply Chain and Logistics market.

In a new study, 500 senior decision-makers and implementers of IoT were surveyed from the UK and the US, including 100 participants from each of the following markets: Supply Chain and Logistics, EV Charging and Smart Grid, Smart Vending, Healthcare and Medical Devices, and Manufacturing.

Discover market-specific insights in this free research report, including:

  • COVID-19’s impact on IoT investment
  • Three challenges frequently concerning respondents
  • Top benefits delivered by supply chain IoT initiatives
  • The main technology drivers reported, both now and in the future
  • Budget plans: respondents share financial forecasts
  • Supply Chain and Logistics case study – how BT transformed its distribution chain and achieved operational efficiencies with IoT
  • Research recommendations to ensure success

How are IoT projects progressing across different market sectors?

In the 2021 State of IoT Adoption report, you will hear from 500 senior decision-makers on the state of IoT in their enterprise and crucially the barriers that have stopped 77% of projects from being classed as a complete success. Discover vertical market findings from: Smart Vending, Healthcare and Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, and EV Charging and Smart Grid.

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Case Study


BT wanted to build a network of intelligent lockers for their delivery drivers and for customers to tap into. Not only did they have connectivity concerns about how to make this work but they also had physical and cyber security concerns to negotiate as well.


BT chose AnyNet+ SIM and AnyNet Connectivity Management to provide near 100% connectivity for their devices. What’s more using Eseye’s private APN and innovative security technology such as location locking, embedded SIMs and IMEI lock to enhance device security


BT were able to ensure maximum possible uptime for their elockers – providing greater service to customers and staff. All while safe in the knowledge that they had addressed all of the major security threats to their IoT devices.

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