How to Become a Smart Vending Pioneer


Did you know that 16 billion euros in total turnover are generated by around 4 million beverage and food vending machines in Europe each year?

IoT-based smart vending offers enormous opportunities for manufacturers and operators – from cost savings in maintenance and operation, new revenue opportunities and growth potential to better customer understanding.

Device Insight and Eseye have joined forces as project partners to help guide companies in the smart vending sector through the complexity and deliver IoT successfully. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How to become a smart vending pioneer
  • How to master challenges and take advantage of new digital opportunities
  • The benefits of smart vending machines
  • Smart vending in practice: a case study with Costa Express
  • Device Insight and Eseye’s integrated IoT and connectivity solution for smart vending.
Partnership news

Eseye Partnership with Device Insight

The partnership will speed-up time-to-market for connected retail vending providers, with Device Insight developing the components and features of the IoT platform, while Eseye provides the necessary connectivity infrastructure within flexible, reliable and scalable solutions for a variety of sectors and use cases.

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Case Study


Searching for new ways to innovate and disrupt, Costa Coffee aimed to deliver premium quality drinks to disrupt the traditional retail model and gain market share. They created their vision of a connected coffee machine but needed help to transform that vision into a reality that could help them conquer the coffee world.


Costa chose Eseye to help design and connect their coffee machines. Using Eseye HERA 600 IoT Edge Hardware they were able to aggregate data from their vast array of sensors. The HERA provides near 100% global connectivity – important for machines that needed to maximise uptime.


Due to the global reliable connectivity – Costa have been able to easily and aggressively scale the rollout of these machines across multiple countries. From telematic data to pushing out new promotions – the smart vending machines have been an unmitigated success.

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