Our range of routers and connectivity options are perfectly suited
to the retail and finance sectors


From in-store customer Wi-Fi failover to 2G/3G/4G solutions to reliable point of sale terminals, our range of HERA600 routers have been specially designed to cope with type of environments presented in retail.

We’ve worked with a great number of successful retail and finance companies on getting their machines connected via routers, gateways and AnyNet connectivity ensuring that machines stay reliably connected for telemetry information, maintenance, pushing new data and for automated payment solutions.

Eseye is ISO27001 certified and our retail and finance options extend to facility and merchandise security, with solutions such as cash safe systems and high-value goods tracking.

In addition, Eseye is a pioneer of connected and controlled asset finance solutions.

Ask us how we enable manufacturers and service providers to give their customers remote controlled pay-as-you go solutions, ensuring customers are provided with the services they have paid for via mobile phone or online.

Contact us to find out about the many affordable and efficient applications we have for your business.

Eseye holds ISO27001 Certification!

Eseye achieved ISO27001 certification in October 2014. The ISO27001:2013 certificate represents a global Information Security Management System standard that protects our customers by ensuring we have an effective security management system. The certification demonstrates a full assessment and validation of end-to-end security systems related to handling Eseye and customer data.

Check our ISO27001:2013 Certificate here


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