We develop our own gateways, monitors, sensors, and routers which work with our managed AnyNet connectivity to provide 2G/3G/4G cellular internet access in even the most remote of locations. Our routers are available with a range of features to ensure reliability. Main Features:

  • Managed devices, including managed connectivity
  • 2G/3G/4G connectivity and Wi-Fi
  • Smart sensors for temperature, movement, health, and energy monitors
  • Arduino compatible gateways
  • TR0.69 over-the-air monitoring and management

Our M2M-Grade SIMs and routers have a variety of capabilities which allow businesses to tailor their devices to suit their specific needs.

Eseye holds ISO27001 Certification!

Eseye achieved ISO27001 certification in October 2014. The ISO27001:2013 certificate represents a global Information Security Management System standard that protects our customers by ensuring we have an effective security management system. The certification demonstrates a full assessment and validation of end-to-end security systems related to handling Eseye and customer data.
Check our ISO27001:2013 Certificate here


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