Shoebill shortlisted for second green award

Shoebill shortlisted for second green award


August 9th 2013

We are pleased to announce that Eseye has been shortlisted for the ENDS Green Economy Awards thanks to our already award-winning energy monitor Shoebill.

As a leading machine-to-machine (M2M) technology supplier, Eseye is committed to using M2M technology to enable greener solutions that bring significant changes in the way businesses run their operations.

The Shoebill monitor is particularly suited to HMOs and we worked with the UK’s leading student accommodation provider to find an efficient way of monitoring energy consumption. Up against soaring energy prices and the icy chill of the British weather, the organisation needed to find a way of combating tenants’ excessive energy use. Energy bills were the second largest cost the firm who were looking for a cost-effective, carbon-reducing solution that would help monitor their energy intake and plan effective campaigns to raise environmental awareness.

This is where the Shoebill with AnyNet™ SIM fitted in. Shoebill collects data on electricity usage every half an hour and sends the information wirelessly to a user’s web or smartphone dashboard application, allowing users to analyse the data and see where, when and how to save on energy. By incorporating the Eseye global AnyNet™ SIM, the Shoebill can operate on mobile networks in any location worldwide ensuring maximum availability and reliability – essentially increasing the lifespan of the device by making it mobile.

“It’s a brilliant tool that really pays for itself because it educates people on efficiency. What’s so often missing from other energy monitoring services is context. Shoebill sends your data to a server, which then allows you to compare your usage with other people. We want to save money and resources not just for our customers, but for consumers on the ground by educating them on the benefits of technology that links directly to their smartphone.”
Paul Marshall – Eseye COO
Eseye are proud to be shortlisted for an ENDS Green Economy Award and look forward to seeing the Shoebill help people save money and energy across the UK.

About the ENDS Green Economy Awards

The Green Economy Awards celebrate the pioneers of Britain’s new green economy. The awards recognise excellence in environmental responsibility and reconfiguration of business models around sustainability principles. They are the UK’s most comprehensive awards on the subject.

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