Shoebill wins European Smart Metering Award

Shoebill wins European Smart Metering Award


January 25th 2013

Eseye, an industry leader in M2M solutions, has seen off stiff competition in the smart metering field to win the Home Energy Monitor award for its green Shoebill energy monitor at this year’s European Smart Metering Awards.

Sponsored by O2, the annual event recognises excellence in the smart metering industry. Eseye’s award-winning device measures electricity consumption in a home or office and reports back through a secure server to a user’s smartphone or computer, helping companies and households work out how to cut back on their energy use and save money. The Shoebill is already in use at the UK’s largest independent student accommodation provider, Unite, which houses over 40,000 tenants nationwide.

CEO Julian Hardy collected the award at the gala dinner held at the Lancaster Hotel in London. “It was such a pleasure to receive the award. I won’t say a surprise because the whole team has put a huge amount of work into making Shoebill the fantastic product it is – one that’s already transforming businesses and helping them save money and go greener. I’m extremely proud to be part of such a hard-working team that’s consistently churning out bigger and better ideas and products. “It was a superb evening and was great to see companies getting the recognition they deserved for their innovative solutions.”

The latest accolade for the M2M specialist comes as the firm expands its workforce, having acquired hardware manufacturer Dataflex in November.

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About Eseye

Eseye is a leading technology supplier delivering managed machine-to-machine services on a global scale. Unique among their competitors, they provide every aspect of M2M solutions in-house, from design and integration consultancy to dashboard monitoring and control. With growth of 400%, Eseye has positioned itself at the forefront of a rapidly expanding industry, helping its clients solve the most complex business problems using the best in M2M technology.

About Shoebill

The Shoebill energy monitor is cost-effective, easy to set up and suitable for both domestic and commercial installations. It collects data on electricity usage every half an hour and sends the information wirelessly to a website, which allows the user to analyse the data and see where, when and how they can save on energy. It’s set apart from other energy monitors by the frequency of its readings and by its twin clamp sensors, which measure consumption from two units, effectively halving the cost for clients. As well as providing cost-efficient and secure data transfer through Eseye’s AnyNet™ SIM, it ultimately saves users the most money by allowing them to work out how best to manage their energy.

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