AnyNet Secure for AWS

Eseye-enabled AnyNet Secure for AWS gives you absolute power to deploy, connect, scale and control your IoT estates on a global scale. Eseye and AWS technology combined gives you a powerful and comprehensive IoT solution – it’s why we were the first cellular connectivity company to be chosen as an AWS Advance Technology Partner, IoT competency.

At Eseye over a decade of IoT expertise and experience has culminated in our ground breaking IoT solution AnyNet Secure for AWS. Based on a single SIM, with configured multi-IMSI capability it aids near 100% connectivity and roaming capability, out-of-the-box. It provides you with maximum cellular coverage, reinforced by our global MNO partnerships, and an API that makes light work of integrating onto your AWS Cloud and business systems.

Our Eseye-enabled technology allows manufacture and deployment a single SKU globally, massively reducing complexity in development and costs of deployment. The Multi-network AnyNet Secure technology means you receive near 100% connectivity, worldwide. Once deployed, you can connect and manage your entire network of IoT devices from your AWS management console.

With AnyNet Secure for AWS your ongoing TCO is reduced, scaling your IoT network is easier, and you have a single API-enabled customer support help-desk available for your entire global deployment. Billing is made simple with a single AWS Marketplace where you can build using AWS’s growing suite of IoT management services, including AWS Device Defender and AWS Device Manager.

Zero-touch control for enhanced security

AnyNet Secure for AWS incorporates our enhanced security functionality, for zero-touch provision of devices in the field. AnyNet Secure for AWS SIM with multi-IMSI capability can be embedded into the device during manufacture. An initial connection is established between the device and AWS console – delivering the unique security certificate into the device. When the device is switched on in the field, it is automatically recognised by AWS. Then, via our technology, a new security policy and certificate are delivered remotely. The process is fast, at device level, tamper-proof and can be repeated in the event of a compromise or suspected attack.

We aim to ensure you can grow your IoT network fast and at low cost, while keeping you secure and in control.

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