AnyNet Secure

For your IoT to deliver results, you need to keep devices connected, easy to manage and supported – often on a global scale.

At Eseye, over a decade of IoT expertise and experience has culminated in our ground-breaking IoT solution, AnyNet Secure cellular connectivity. Based on single SIM technology, with configured multi-IMSI capability, we aim to deliver near 100% connectivity and roaming capability out-of-the-box. Our solution also enables the manufacture and deployment of a single SKU worldwide, massively reducing potential complexity in your IoT development and its costs of deployment.

AnyNet Secure delivers maximised 2G, 3G or 4G cellular coverage across GSM, LTE CAT M, Cat 1 networks, reinforced by our global MNO partnerships.

A single API makes light work of integrating your choice of Cloud and your business systems. Over-the-air transfer (OTA) gives you provider flexibility, allowing simple but on mass switching post installation.

We ‘keep-up’ with emerging technologies, such as 5G and eUICC, to ensure your IoT implementation is future-proofed. You have the power to manage your devices from a single, remote location anywhere in the world. And with zero-touch management and security features, throughout your product’s lifecycle, it also reduces both the risk and TCO of your global IoT deployment.

Eseye-enabled AnyNet Secure provides universal IoT connectivity and management; enabling you to be connected and stay connected.

We clicked with Eseye immediately. We aligned with their team’s thinking and we felt they had the right experience to understand the business outcome we needed and how to implement a solution to achieve this.
Peter Huisman, CTO at SolarNow

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