Device optimisation and consultancy

We help you get IoT right first time

To get the best results from your IoT deployment you need to ensure every detail of your project leads directly to the business outcomes you want. In short, you need the experience of someone who’s done it all before, many times. And this is exactly where we come in.

You will benefit from over a decade of in-depth technical expertise developed across some of the most innovative and challenging IoT projects the world has seen. We can help you to shorten development time and costs, while simultaneously optimising your IoT performance and security. From first concept to global implementation, we make IoT a reality time and time again.

Idea to prototype in 30 days

Beginning with device optimisation, our team of skilled specialists guide you through the initial requirements capture – key to ensuring right business outcomes at the start. We then take you through every stage of design, ensuring every decision, such as volume manufacturing, is in line with your end goals. We bring expertise in RF hardware engineering and wireless M2M communications to ensure widespread connectivity no matter where your devices are deployed. With rapid prototyping, we can take you from idea to prototype in as little as 30 days. Leaving you plenty of time to road-test your concept, and make business-led changes, before full deployment.


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