SM-SR Technology

Subscription Management Secure Routing (SM-SR) technology allows us to provision and remotely manage mobile network operator profiles on our AnyNet+ eUICC SIM, delivering seamless network switching and unrivalled connectivity performance.

What is Remote SIM Provisioning & SM-SR?

The Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) is a server driven solution to provision and remotely manage operator profiles on the eUICC. The RSP is comprised of two elements:

  • SM-DP (Subscription Manager-Data Preparation) stores and manages the network profiles
  • SM-SR stands for Subscription Manager Secure Routing. This entity securely delivers the encrypted operator credentials to the SIM and then, once the credentials are installed, remotely manages the SIM thereafter (enable, disable and delete the credentials as necessary during the product’s lifetime).

Access to the SM-SR is critical to enable seamless network switching. Without it, localising or switching networks over-the-air (OTA) can cause complications and delays.

Eseye's SM-SR - Enhanced Control of IoT

As Eseye operates its own SM-SR, we manage the entire profile transfer process between MNOs to provide a seamless global connectivity solution to our customers. Reducing the administrative overhead associated with SM-SR management and changes between MNOs (as per the standard model) enable us to switch networks quickly and effectively to provide greater up-time, device performance and value for customers. Critically, the insurance options for fallback and bootstrap connectivity are maintained, providing additional peace of mind for customers should their devices need to revert to a previous operator profile.

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