Why is IoT Connectivity Crucial to Cold Chain Monitoring?

How to Supercharge eUICC for IoT? – IoT Uncovered

Over the last two blogs, we explored What is a Multi-IMSI SIM and What is eUICC. We uncovered their differences, strengths and potential for commercial IoT but also exposed their weaknesses too. In the third part of our IoT Uncovered series, we’ll reveal how businesses can overcome the risks caused by the eUICC standard and … Continued

World’s most advanced eUICC compliant SIM with embedded multi-IMSI switching technology unveiled by Eseye

Fully GSMA compliant AnyNet+ eUICC SIM allows for dynamic and seamless switching between network providers, with additional full fallback capabilities 16 July 2020: The world’s most advanced GSMA compliant eUICC SIM with in-built multi-IMSI switching technology has been unveiled today by pioneering global IoT connectivity specialist, Eseye. The new AnyNet+ SIM solution will greatly simplify … Continued

What is eUICC? – IoT Uncovered

In our past blog, we explored how multi-IMSI SIMs provide a secure solution for multi-regional IoT deployments, where expensive roaming issues can play havoc. This week we’re here to talk about the successor to multi-IMSI SIMs – the GSMA standards-based eUICC or eSIM – and unpack its capabilities, potential and challenges. Key requirements for an … Continued

What Is A Multi-IMSI SIM? – IoT Uncovered

For most IoT deployments, zero-touch, out-of-the-box connectivity is essential. Devices might be installed in remote, inhospitable terrain or hidden within a car dashboard or retail vending machine. Requiring users to enter networks details and credentials would create significant logistical and security issues. In this article, we explore the importance of roaming and the benefits that … Continued

Welcome to the Hotel California: is your IoT device locked in?

Increasingly IoT devices need to roam but some barriers need to be overcome. For IoT devices, mobile connectivity can be a lot like the Hotel California. As the famous lyric goes, ‘you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave’. And as the Internet of Things (IoT) matures, that’s becoming true … Continued

Preview: Beyond eUICC – the new AnyNet+ SIM

Not all SIM cards are built the same. The new eUICC SIM card standard released by the GSMA has been designed with consumers in mind. Although it works well when adding a SIM card into a mobile phone or existing consumer plan, the risks associated with transferring the service in a commercial IoT device should … Continued

The Future of IoT: The Importance of Consistent Global Connectivity

How will growing restrictions on network roaming impact the success of international IoT projects? Is eUICC a realistic solution? What impact could an MNO federation have on global connectivity?  Roaming falls out of favour  A key precursor to the widespread adoption of IoT is the ability to quickly and simply connect devices anywhere in the world. Some suggest this exists through global roaming, yet a growing number … Continued

41 Billion Missing IoT Devices: The Biggest Prediction Miss in the History of IT?

Analysts and major enterprises[1] predicted 50 billion IoT devices would be connected by 2020, yet the true figure stands closer to 9 billion[2] Eseye asks if this is the biggest failure in the history of IT, and identifies the six key challenges that IoT must overcome in 2020 to reach its potential 41 billion IoT … Continued

eSIMs loosen mobile operators’ grip on IoT device connection

Embedded SIMs or eSIMs are increasingly being recognised as a more flexible, easier to manage option than traditional plastic SIM cards for global IoT deployments. However, some confusion exists about what an eSIM is. Subscriber identification modules (SIMs) have existed since the dawn of the consumer mobile market and perform a vital role in identifying … Continued

Global IoT: Everyone’s talking about it. So why isn’t it happening? – An Interview with Eseye CEO Nick Earle

“The MNOs have got a real problem when it comes to IoT. One problem is the race to zero on pricing for roaming.” As Jeremy Cowan says, the little bit of Yorkshire blood in me respects the directness of Eseye’s  CEO. As they say, Nick Earle calls a spade a spade. He believes the European Union (EU) … Continued

Mobile Network Operator Partnership Forged to Deliver Globally Connected IoT Cloud Solution

At Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 27/02/19. We are today delighted to announce a partnership with MTN, the leading Africa Mobile Network Operator (MNO). MTN have joined forces with Eseye and the AnyNet Federation, a new association of MNOs established specifically to meet the complex management and enhanced resilience requirements of the rapidly expanding global M2M … Continued