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How to Supercharge eUICC for IoT? – IoT Uncovered

Over the last two blogs, we explored What is a Multi-IMSI SIM and What is eUICC. We uncovered their differences, strengths and potential for commercial IoT but also exposed their weaknesses too. In the third part of our IoT Uncovered series, we’ll reveal how businesses can overcome the risks caused by the eUICC standard and … Continued

Are vending machines the new retail?

Retail has taken a substantial hit in 2020 and is among one of the most severe coronavirus casualties. As news outlets report retail brands’ plummeting profits and collapses, the vending machine market looks set for exponential growth, forecasts anticipate. In order to survive and adapt to this increasingly challenging and volatile environment, retailers must transform … Continued

Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) Trends

The turn of the decade marks IoT’s 21st birthday but will be remembered as the year that COVID-19 swept the globe. In this blog, we examine the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) trends of the moment – a turn of phrase coined by Gartner – and share our thoughts on how IoT can protect the … Continued

The Perils of Poor EV Charging Connectivity

The electric vehicle market is growing at an exponential rate with consumer behaviour increasingly focusing on green renewable energy.  Deloitte’s latest outlook report that EV sales are set to rocket from 2 million units in 2018 to 4 million in 2020, 12 million in 2025, before growing to 21 million in 2030.  As the demand increases, so too does supply. More EV charging stations need to be … Continued

Welcome to the Hotel California: is your IoT device locked in?

Increasingly IoT devices need to roam but some barriers need to be overcome. For IoT devices, mobile connectivity can be a lot like the Hotel California. As the famous lyric goes, ‘you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave’. And as the Internet of Things (IoT) matures, that’s becoming true … Continued

Staying Connected in a Crisis: How Emerging Technology and Data can Reduce the Impact of a Pandemic

The world is facing a once in a generation crisis, its scale matched only by the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to 1920. Citizens face huge restrictions on the way they live their lives, cut off from loved ones and their livelihoods threatened. Meanwhile governments the world over battle with huge challenges trying to project … Continued

Succeeding with IoT-enabled Smart Vending Machines: Part 3 The IoT Security Challenge

Succeeding with IoT-enabled Smart Vending Machines: Part 3 The IoT Security Challenge  IoT security is often the main concern for organisations planning an IoT deployment. Security incidents can damage your brand and reputation, and cause significant financial loss.  But security for IoT deployments is particularly challenging. To succeed, you need to design security into your … Continued