Tanzania trip to enhance African IoT

m360 africa 2017Building on the work Eseye have competed with the GSMA’s Mobile-4-Development programme, Paul Marshall, Eseye Co-Founder, and Jess Thompson Hughes, Eseye VP Pay-Go solutions, are in Tanzania this week for the GSMA African Mobile 360 Series. Paul and Jess will be sharing their research findings on how to develop secure, scalable and easy to manage IoT device deployments for some of the most innovative and challenging IoT projects in the world today.

Jess and Paul are in Dar es Salaam for 11-13 July, if you are interested in IoT, or have a project that they can help with, contact Eseye for a meeting; email sales@eseye.com, phone +44 1483 802 501 or +27 87 551 8200

Paul Marshall worked closely with the GSMA Mobile for development team to create The IoT development journey for utility enterprises in emerging markets report that can be found here

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