The future of driving is here – powered and connected by The New Motion

The future of driving is here – powered and connected by The New Motion

Guildford, UK, 6th May 2015 – Eseye are proud to announce that they are supplying connectivity services to The New Motion, who own one of the largest and fastest growing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging networks in Europe, featuring over 14,000 intelligent charge points. In the years leading to 2018, TechNavio is forecasting a CAGR for Global Electric Vehicle Charger market of 28.8%[i], making this particular market one of the fastest growing Internet of Things (IoT) application areas in the world.

The New Motion have an in-house team known for repeated innovation, demonstrated through product developments and customised solutions. Their independence and device agnosticism have enabled them to build a middleware data management platform that is capable of connecting to all required hardware platforms. In turn, this has allowed the company to run one of Europe’s largest EV networks.

The New Motion benefitted from Eseye’s expertise in supplying connectivity that is tailored to the customer. With business-critical connectivity in each machine to facilitate payment and charging credits it is important to note the suitability of Eseye’s technical and support services; as well as the adherence to the agreed Service Level Agreement for network uptime and reliability. Eseye provide all the services required in one house and everything is managed by one team. The New Motion are said to be very happy with responsiveness and helpfulness of Eseye’s technical support staff provided from one central helpdesk.

Eseye’s roaming, mobile network-agnostic Multi IMSI AnyNet SIM provides reliable mobile network coverage in even the most remote and challenging locations. In addition, all IMSIs are Over-The-Air (OTA) re-programmable which means Eseye is able to help The New Motion future proof the solution without the need to return to site to swap the SIM cards out if they need to switch mobile network providers. This is an important consideration for The New Motion, with Remi Caron, their Chief Technology and Innovation Officer saying, “With each EV charge station expected to have a lifespan of 5-10 years, it is imperative that our suppliers understand our need to have reliable and future proof solutions.”

Not only were Eseye’s services competitively and uniformly priced across all the required territories, the invoicing format helps The New Motion understand and control costs. Alerting on bill increases outside set criteria ensures that costs are confined and the dreaded bill shocks are avoided. Although it varies according to the data usage of different devices, The New Motion estimate that they save several dozen Euro cents per SIM per month on average. In addition, Eseye’s coverage across EU28 means that The New Motion can pool their data charges across the various countries they serve which in turn may help further reduce connectivity charges.

As well as growing its network in the Netherlands, where already two thirds of electric car owners use their charge card, The New Motion is going through expansion throughout Europe, where charge points and charging services are already available to electric car owners. Currently The New Motion charge card can be used at charge points located in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, the UK and Norway.

“The New Motion are rapidly becoming differentiated leaders in their field. This is as a result of the Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking which drives their business. It was evident from the onset that success in partnering with The New Motion relied on delivering a core managed and highly reliable cellular solution. Eseye’s multi IMSI managed connectivity which is a truly global roaming solution fitted the bill and is now underpinning The New Motion’s worldwide large scale roll-outs.”

Fred de Haro, SVP Global Sales, Eseye

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[i] Source: TechNavio report Global EVC market for the period 2014-2018,

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About Eseye

Established in 2007, Eseye is a leading provider of global cellular internet connectivity for IoT devices, delivering Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions to businesses serving key areas of connected home, connected enterprises and connected cities. With headquarters in Europe and offices in North America, Australia, Africa and Asia, the company designs and develops innovative long-life solutions focused on real business outcomes while offering a ubiquitous connectivity layer and unparalleled lifetime service and support. Eseye cover a large global footprint counting managed connectivity customers in 96 countries and continue to deliver the most robust and reliable worldwide network for the Internet of Things.

About The New Motion 

The New Motion, founded in 2009, offers advanced charging solutions for drivers of electric vehicles (EV) and EV-charge locations. All our activities aim to facilitate drivers of (Plug-in Hybrid) EV’s to be able to drive as many kilometres on electricity as possible using, as much as possible, electricity retrieved from renewable energy sources. Electric driving is a fantastic experience and it’s not only great for the environment but it’s also great for your wallet. We make electric driving easy and fun.

The New Motion’s charge network is with over 15.000 intelligent charge points one of the largest, fastest growing and most intensely used charging networks in Europe. Two out of three electric car owners in The Netherlands uses The New Motion products and services. We also offer charging solutions to companies for (commercial) exploitation and work closely together with leasing companies and car manufacturers. The New Motion is continuously expanding its charging network in and outside The Netherlands. Also in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and The United Kingdom. EV-drivers can charge their EV’s at The New Motion charge points and use our comprehensive offering of charging services.

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