The Pelican at Christmas


December 14th 2011

Organisations from the local community, ranging from sporting groups to charities, kids groups to those in the arts, have each decorated a tree in a theme close to their heart.

The new Pelican smart electricity meter is measuring how much electricity the lights on the 50 Christmas trees in the Festival are using. All are welcome to the festival which is running daily from 10th-15th December from 4-6pm.

The Pelican meter is a joint venture between Eseye and White Solar Systems Ltd. All of the necessary metering components have been pre-combined into one IP55 enclosed box. So it comes pre-wired and pre-tested to ensure a quick installation. And because it uses Eseye’s AnyNet SIM it can use any cellular network so it is ready to go and reliable. The Pelican will also ensure your data is safe and secure because it will use Eseye’s own SIM data management portal.

Eseye is a Machine to Machine (M2M) service provider with their own infrastructure (APN) and multiple operator interconnect agreements. What makes them different is their world class expertise in product engineering and systems integration. So they have the necessary expertise to assist you with getting your devices connected using mobile technology. And with customers around the world in multiple market segments such as; Security, Facilities Management, Smart Metering, Cleantech and Automotive, they have the commercial know-how to ensure your business gets the best value out of their technical expertise.

For further information about the Pelican Smart Meter please contact:

Paul Marshall,

Eseye Ltd,

Tel: +44 1483685200

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