Welcome to the new Eseye blog!

Welcome to the new Eseye blog!

As we expand and deliver more products and services to a growing number of clients, we want to make sure that our shareholders, colleagues and customers are kept up-to-date with all the latest developments at Eseye and in the world of M2M. So, we have created our company blog to keep you connected and in the know.

We’ll keep you informed of our latest products and services and give you the lowdown on the most important M2M news; we’ll explain key concepts and interview our very own design and technical experts as part of our Eseye Profiles series. There will also be jargon-busting case studies where we demonstrate just how well Eseye’s M2M solutions are working for businesses across a range of sectors.

We hope you’ll find our new blog informative, insightful and perhaps even entertaining!

If you’ve got any suggestions or queries, please get in touch with Hajar, our Communications Manager, at hwright@eseye.com

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